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Prime Day Is the Perfect Excuse to Try a Mechanical Keyboard on the Cheap

A whole host of extremely affordable starter boards are available at an extra deep discount today.


Maybe you’ve thought about giving a mechanical keyboard a chance, either because you miss the clicky-clacky typing of days gone by, or you’ve simply had enough of your MacBook’s atrociously flat and unpleasant keyboard. You’re in luck! Amazon’s Prime Day has a ushered in a wave of deals that make extremely affordable starter boards even cheaper. These are by no means the best mechanical keyboards you can buy (those are an order of magnitude more expensive), but they are a fantastic way to try out mechanical on the cheap, find out what you like, and help you decide if you’d like to invest in a more expensive board sometime down the line.

The one thing to know before you pick one up is which switches are which:
• “Red” and “black” switches are “linear” switches that are smooth to press from start to finish, are popular with gamers (though they aren’t any faster to press than anything else) and are on the quieter side. (Beware: Pretty much any mechanical switch is louder than what you’re used to, even the quieter ones.)
• “Brown” switches are “tactile” switches with a small “bump” feeling halfway through the press but no audible click, so they’re about as quiet as reds and blacks.
• “Blues” are the ones with that clicky feeling and noise when you press them, which makes them feel fantastic but which might incite your family members or coworkers to murder you.

If you type in a room without a door, reds, blacks and browns are your friend.

Here are a few options in various styles:

Qisan Magicforce by Qisan with blue switches $40 $32

MK1 Wired with blue switches $34 $27

Ajazz AK33 with black switches $40 $32

Velocifire Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Mini with brown switches $30 $24

VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with blue switches $30 $24

Ajazz AK50 with brown switches $40 $32

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