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Stock Up On These (Mostly) Healthy Road Trip Snack Deals During Prime Day

Fight the temptation to pig out on your next road trip with these somewhat healthy snacks.


With the warm weather of summertime, of course, comes road trip season — that time of year when families of all shapes, sizes and types load up their vehicles and hit the highway for days, weeks or months at a time. For most of us, that also means it’s time to chow down on the delicious-yet-disgusting fast food options most common at rest stops and highway-adjacent surface streets. Sure, it’s convenient, but it also feels you feeling logy — and since you’re not exactly burning many calories with your butt parked in a car’s seat, it’s also not exactly good for your health.

Instead of indulging in calorie-dense candies and burgers, then, why not grab some healthy snacks for the next road trip? Right now, Amazon is hosting a giant Prime Day sale on a wide variety of products from the PepsiCo empire, including quite a few foods and drinks that are…well, if not good for you, then certainly better than anything you’ll grab at In-N-Out.

Shop the Sale

Chia Bars — Chocolate Variety Pack (15-count) by Health Warrior $16 $10

Mosaic Veggie Crisp (16-count) by Off The Eaten Path $19 $12

Forged Protein Bars (12-count) by Quaker $13 $8

Baked Crunchy Apple, Coconut and Banana Chips (6-count) by Bare $15 $10

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