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The Best Tech Deals of Amazon Prime Day 2019

Here are the best tech deals from day one of Amazon’s Prime extravaganza.


Amazon’s Prime Day comes with all kinds of deals on your favorite gadgets and tech. Here are the best deals we found in the pile.

Save Over $1,000 and Get This 75-Inch Samsung 4K TV at Its Lowest Ever Price

Mammoth 75-inch TVs are getting more and more affordable, and Prime Day is pouring fuel on the fire.

Buy Now: $4,000 $2,798

This MacBook Charger Is Way Cheaper Than the One Apple Sells

Anker’s 60-watt USB-C power adapter is on sale right now for just $28.

Buy Now: $37 $28

One of the Best USB-C Docks for Your MacBook Is $100 Off

The normally $300 dock can simultaneously connect two 4K monitors to your MacBook.

Buy Now: $300 $200

This Is the Perfect Charging Cable for Travelers (And It’s a No-Brainer Prime Day Buy)

With this one charging cable, you can charge your iPhone, Sony WH-1000M3 headphones or Nintendo Switch, as well as anything that still uses micro-USB (like running headphones or a compact camera).

Buy Now: $18 $13

Now’s a Great Time To Splurge on a Luxurious Ultrawide Monitor

An ultrawide screen can be great for everything from taking in a gigantic spreadsheet, to playing realistic racing games, to looking at far too many windows at once. Now, on Amazon Prime Day, you can get one of the best ones out there for $500.

Buy Now: $900 $500

The Best Deals on Wireless Headphones from Amazon Prime Day 2019

We’re in the throes of Amazon Prime Day right now, and will continue to be so until it ends tomorrow (Tuesday, July 16) at midnight. Many of you know that Amazon Prime Deal is largely about sifting through the crap and finding the deals on the products that you really care about (or just really need). While some categories don’t have much to offer, you can find some pretty good deals on some pretty great wireless headphones right now.

Learn More: Here

Save Over $100 on the Best Smart Lock for Most Homes

In our recent smart lock buying guide, we named the August Smart Lock Pro as the best overall smart lock — and right now it’s on sale. The normally $280 smart lock is just $165 for Amazon Prime Day, that’s a discount of $115.

It’s a great deal for anybody that wants to buy a smart lock, considering it’s easy to install and works with August’s and Nest’s line of smart home products (both of which are extremely popular). The Smart Lock Pro can work with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, meaning you can use voice commands to lock and unlock your door.

It should be noted that the on-sale bundle includes August’s Connect Wi-Fi Bridge ($65), which you need if you want to be able to control your door remotely.

Buy Now: $280 $165

One of the Best DSLR Gimbals Is on Sale Right Now

Released in 2018, the DJI Ronin-S was the company’s first gimbal stabilizer for DSLR and mirrorless cameras — and it’s been a big hit for many professional and burgeoning amateur photographers. The Ronin-S’s three-axis gimbal works with most major cameras, including Canon 5D, Sony Alpha and Panasonic GH systems, making it great for most people. And it’s lightweight and versatile enough to be operated one-handed. Additionally, the Ronin S comes with several convenient features, including an easy-to-setup app and an offset roll axis motor (helps the photographer see the back of the camera as they shoot).

In a rare deal, the DJI Ronin-S is $100 for Amazon Prime Day.

Buy Now: $749 $649

Amazon’s Echo Dot Is Cheaper Than It’s Ever Been

Amazon’s Echo Dot made its name on being a freakishly affordable smart speaker, and thanks to Prime Day it’s cheaper than it’s ever been at just $22. Or, if you want to buy three at once, you can snag them for just $60 total, so just $20 a piece.

If you’d rather an Echo with a little more audio punch, the second-generation Echo is just $50, also its lowest price to date, while the Echo Plus is $110, matching its deepest sale price as well.

Buy Now: $50 $22

Cheap Extra Storage Is a No-Brainer Upgrade For Your Camera or Nintendo Switch

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as running out of storage, and there’s no such thing as too much of it. For Prime Day, Amazon is discounting a whole fleet of SD and microSD cards and getting a bigger one for whatever gadget will take one is a no-brainer upgrade.

The standout deal is a 128GB Sandisk Extreme microSD for just $20 ($49 off), complete with with an SD adapter. Or, if you want even more breathing room you can pick up a 256GB microSD for $30 ($13 off), a 512GB microSD for $99 ($80 off), or a truly overkill 1TB microSD for $340 ($109 off).

Buy Now: $69 $20

Save $50 (Or More) on the Apple Watch That You Really Want

The Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) is the Apple Watch that most people should buy. It’s the best-looking smartwatch with the biggest and brightest display that Apple has ever created; plus it has all the new features that the Series 3 lacks, including fall detection, a built-in EKG and a variety of fitness features. This model lacks built-LTE, however, but I’d argue that most people don’t need to use their Apple Watch as a phone, nor do they want to pay the extra $10 each month on their phone bill.

(The most practical use of an LTE model is for Apple Music subscribers, as it gives them the ability to leave their iPhone at home, just bringing their Apple Watch and wireless headphones, and still stream music while out on a run.)

For Prime Day, Amazon is offering some pretty great deals on the Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) in either size: 40mm or 44mm. You can save $50 on the 40mm model or $75 on the 44mm model. If you’re looking for an even cheaper deal and you’re cool with buying the older Apple Watch, the Series 3 (GPS) is selling for just under $200.

Buy Now: $429 $354 (44mm)Buy Now: $399 $349 (40mm)

Save $20 on the Perfect Backup Battery to Stash In Your Bag or Glovebox

A dead phone is a useless phone so it’s always wise to have a backup battery somewhere in arm’s reach. For Prime Day, Anker’s PowerCore 10000 PD is just $26 ($20 off), a great deal for an emergency charger that will surely save your bacon sooner or later. The pocket-sized battery has 10,000 mAh of storage (enough to charge most smartphones twice), a USB-A and USB-C output port that can charge two devices simulatenously and has 18 watt Power Delivery output for fast charging.

Buy Now: $46 $26

Prime Day Is a Terrific Excuse to Try a Mechanical Keyboard on the Cheap

Maybe you’ve thought about giving a mechanical keyboard a chance, either because you miss the clicky-clacky typing of days gone by, or you’ve simply had enough of your MacBook’s atrociously flat and unpleasant keyboard. You’re in luck! Amazon’s Prime Day has a ushered in a wave of deals that make extremely affordable starter boards even cheaper. These are by no means the best mechanical keyboards you can buy (those are an order of magnitude more expensive), but they are a fantastic way to try out mechanical on the cheap, find out what you like, and help you decide if you’d like to invest in a more expensive board sometime down the line.

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