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Never Cook a Steak Again Without This Chef-Approved Tool, Now on Sale

The kitchen thermometer is one of the most important tools in grilling, and the company that makes the best ones is having a closeout sale.


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Ask anyone who knows their way around an oven or grill and the answer will be the same: the meat thermometer is among the most essential cooking accessories there is. And if you ask anyone who makes the best ones, it’s ThermoWorks. Right now, the brand's Thermapen Mk4 is marked down from $99 to just $69 in all colorways on closeout sale.

The company’s business is the monitoring and regulation of heat in grills and ovens. It makes humidity trackers, pH monitors, infrared heat-sensing guns and four-channel meat probes, but its marquee product has always been the humble Thermapen. It’s accurate and comes with helpful features like a rotating display, auto-enabled backlight and a category-leading IP67 waterproof rating.

The Thermapen Mk4 is currently 30 percent off, more or less as cheap as you'll find it. Thermapen has run 25 percent sales on certain colorways earlier this year and they all sold out fast — though this one is a closeout sale so we're guessing Thermapen is going to run it until it's sold out. It's great timing for those looking to make the most of late-summer BBQs.


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