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Our Favorite Cast-Iron Skillets Never Go on Sale (Except Right Now)

Field Company’s skillets take cast iron cooking to the next level.

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While knives dull and non-stick pans lose their coating after a while, one kitchen staple only gets better with time: the cast-iron skillet. One of the most versatile pieces of cookware you can have, a cast-iron skillet can do everything from searing the perfect steak to baking that holiday pie you make every year. Right now, our favorite cast-iron brand is having a Black Friday, making for a deal you can't miss. When you buy one skillet you get one half off. Buy two skillets and you get one for free. There's really no excuse to not have one in every size.

Field Company’s machined-smooth skillets are some of the best all-around pans money can buy. The surface is exceptional, allowing for more even cooking than the pebbly surface of a less-expensive option. They’re lighter than most cast iron, meaning you won't need Hulk-level forearm strength to give your veggies a simple toss. And unlike many of the new cast-iron skillets you can buy, the pre-seasoning is second to none, utilizing a multi-layer grapeseed seasoning that makes them nearly non-stick right out of the box.


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