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Act Fast and Save Up to $599 on Some of the Best Motorcycle Helmets on Sale

That’s a savings of up to 71 percent.


Motorcycle helmets are, without a doubt, the most important pieces of riding gear you can own. Thick jackets and pants to resist wind (and slides) are important, and gloves and boots to keep your extremities toasty and functional matter quite a bit — but at the end of the day, the helmet is the keystone of your bike-riding outfit. (There’s a reason wearing a helmet is legally required in a lot of states.)

While you can find lids at prices all up and down the spectrum, you don’t want to cheap out on a piece of gear with the sole purpose of protecting your precious head from impacting the pavement with lethal force. Then again, good helmets can be expensive; if you chose a bike because you wanted an inexpensive, fun alternative to a car, dropping close to a grand on a piece of safety equipment can feel nearly as painful as dropping your bike on a curve.

Luckily, there’s a good middle ground: sale helmets from a great brand. And it’s hard to match the deals on Schuberth’s legendary lids that can be found on RevZilla right now. Walk your fingers over to their Schuberth closeouts page, and you’ll find helmets marked down as much as 71 percent. Granted, some of the selection is size-dependent…but with deals this good, it’s worth at least taking a look.

E1 Guardian Helmet (extra-small) by Schuberth $849 $250

E1 Adventure Helmet by Schuberth $749 $450

C4 Helmet by Schuberth $749 $350

E1 Hunter Helmet (small, extra-small) by Schuberth $849 $400

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