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The Cast-Iron Dutch Oven of Your Dreams Is on Sale at the Perfect Moment

There isn’t a kitchen in the world that couldn’t make use of a Dutch oven, just as there isn’t a home cook in the world who doesn’t wish they had a Le Creuset.

le creuset dutch oven
Le Creuset

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Le Creuset’s cast-iron Dutch ovens have sat atop kitchen ranges as de facto I know how to cook status symbols for decades. The first gift added to wedding registries and the only pot whose looks and performance demand it never leave the stovetop, its versatility enables it to cook everything from deep-fried chicken and coq au vin. Right now, you can pick from any number of Dutch ovens and other cookware at a discount thanks to Williams Sonoma's current sale.

Though the pots come in many shapes and sizes, it’s the Signature Dutch Oven that cooks lust over. If you'd prefer a Staub, those happen to be on sale right now as well.


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