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The Perfect Everyday Overshirt Is Now 25% Off

California brand Outerknown makes a nearly perfect overshirt — here’s why.


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When I’m working from home, my wardrobe is pretty laid-back. Typically, I wear a pair of relaxed drawstring pants or cutoff shorts paired with a slouchy tee (sometimes hemp, sometimes linen, always comfortable). And while I rotate through different faded T-shirts, I always reach for the same overshirt. Made by California-based Outerknown, the appropriately-named Blanket Shirt is a staple of my casual outfits for good reason — and you can currently grab it for 25 percent off at Huckberry.

It feels incredible. Woven from thick organic cotton, the shirt has a bit of weight, yet it’s super soft and breathable, and it hangs and drapes like no other overshirt — this is not a cardboard-y wool layer. Because it’s made from hefty cotton fabric, it’s ideal for a range of temperatures and it will stand up to years of continuous wear. I’ve had mine for almost four years and it doesn’t look worse for wear. If anything, it’s better: the texture is softer, the colors more muted.

Available in a range of different plaids, the Blanket Shirt retails for $148. And while that’s more than some overshirts from other brands, the value of mine — in terms of cost-per-wear — is unreal. It gets regular wear every season and is perfect for the house, the beach, the office, the grocery store… you see what I’m getting at. It’s a pillar of my wardrobe, and I’m sure if you get one, it won’t take you long to see why.

Now, the Blanket Shirt is on sale for 25 percent off during Outerknown's summer sale. That means you can pick it up for just $111 while supplies last.


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