This Terrific Deal Is a Great Reason to Try Tidal

You’re saving over 90% for the first three months.

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Tidal is currently running a sensational offer: you can get a three-month trial of either the Tidal Premium or HiFi plan for just $3, or $1/month, which is a smidgeon of what they normally cost. It's a slightly toned down version of a deal from earlier this spring which offered four months for $4, so grab it while it lasts.

Tidal Premium normally costs $10/month and allows you to listen to over 60,000 tracks in standard sound quality. Tidal HiFi is the more premium subscription that normally costs $20/month and allows subscribers to listen to those same tracks in true lossless hi-fi sound quality. The Tidal Hi-Fi subscription is obviously the better deal, as you’re essentially paying $3 for a three-month subscription that would normally cost $60.

You can learn more about the different Tidal subscriptions, here.

Buy Now: $60 $3

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