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Take 25% Off All of BioLite’s Killer Camping Gear This Weekend

The only thing more robust than the variety of gear — from stoves to solar kits to headlamps — is the savings.

biolite firepit

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BioLite is one of those rare brands that somehow offers a wide variety of loosely related items — and makes them all rock. Some of its best-known, camping-friendly products include fire pits and headlamps that are beloved for their user-friendly performance. Considering that our activities have been largely limited to our own backyards and careful fitness excursions over the past couple of years, that gear is still especially relevant right now.

So naturally, we’re stoked to report this news: thanks to a big Winter Weekend Sale, tons of BioLite's exceptional adventure-focused products are 25 percent off. Check out a few of our favorites, and click the main link below to see everything else you can get deeply discounted through December 13.


BioLite FirePit+
Firepit+ bioliteenergy.com

New for 2021, the FirePit+ gets an upgraded body design with the X-ray mesh design. This also helps improve the airflow which makes the FirePit so good at keeping your fire smokeless and efficient.

AlpenGlow 500
BioLite BioLite

Incredibly handy for camping and emergency usage, the AlpenGlow 500 is a small portable lantern that can put out up to 500 lumens of light for up to 200 hours per charge. It's also splash-resistant, meaning it can survive a trip to the beach and/or a campsite drizzle, and this is the first time it has ever been on sale.

HeadLamp 330
BioLite bioliteenergy.com

BioLite's headlamps rethought the way a headlamp fits on your head for both comfort and stability. Building the lamp into the strap means the 330 lumens it spits out stay steady the whole time. Add in the fact that it's rechargeable and under $50 and you've got yourself a good camping gear addition for this summer.

CampStove 2+
BioLite bioliteenergy.com

Another product that’s handy in any situation, this clever stove converts fire made from burning sticks, wood scraps and/or pellets into electricity to power your devices. It also packs down to the size of a wide-mouth 32-ounce water bottle.

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