This Alexa-Enabled Phone Charger for Your Car Normally Costs $70. Right Now, It’s $20

That’s more than 70 percent off, in case you were wondering.


Maybe your car’s built-in USB ports don’t charge your phone fast enough; maybe your ride is old enough that it doesn’t include any integrated USB slots at all. Regardless of the why, the way to fix it is simple: add a 12-volt smartphone charger to your car’s array of capabilities.

That said, while you might be temped by that array of cheapo cigarette lighter USB plugs up there with the impulse buy items on the gas station counter — avoid them. If you’re going to buy a device to charge that little computer that’s practically an extension of your brain, you need to choose one that’s reliable, dependable and well-made. For example: the Anker Roav Viva.

Not only does this little plug let you charge two iPhones, Androids or whatever else uses a USB-based charger at the same time, but it also offers Amazon Alexa integration, bringing many of the features you depend upon from that voice-controlled speaker at home into your car. All you have to do is pair it with your phone, and boom: you can use Alexa for voice-based navigation, to play music, even to control your Alexa-connected smart devices at home. (Just think about how cool your kid will think you are when you pull up in front of the house and turn on the lights with a voice command from inside the car.)

The best part? The Roav Viva is on sale at B&H right now; it’s just $20, a whopping $50 off the usual price. That’s as good a bargain as you’re likely to find for a high-speed phone charger that also brings Alexa inside the car.

Buy Now: $70 $20

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