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You'll Save Big If You Act Fast on This Very Cool Electric Scooter

This Segway Ninebot kick scooter can hit 19 mph and carry you up to 28 miles on a charge.

segway es4 electric kick scooter

We love cars for many, many reasons, but we're also willing to admit that they're not the ideal mode of transportation for many tasks. If you're running a quick errand or two and picking up things small enough to fit in a backpack, traveling the first or last mile between your home/work and mass transit, or happen to be lucky enough to live close to your job, an e-bike or electric scooter can be a great way to get around without burning fossil fuels, taking up an entire lane or getting sweaty.

(And yes, many of you probably aren't going into the office these days, but we all presumably will again soon enough, so you might as well prepare for that now.)

If that sounds like smart thinking to you, well, it's your lucky day — because Amazon is currently offering a dynamite little Segway electric kick scooter for $119 off. To get started, as on any kick scooter, all you do is put one foot on the base board and kick off with your other; then it's all up to the electric motor and lithium-ion battery to carry you along for up to 28 miles at speeds of up to 19 mph.

An easy-folding design means it takes up minimal space in your apartment, your car's trunk, or on the train or bus. Anti-lock braking, cruise control and shock absorbers make it easy to ride; you can even pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth to lock and unlock it remotely.

And like we said, while the Segway Ninebot KS4 (as it's formally known) normally runs you $769, right now, you can buy this dark gray version for just $650. Did zipping around town on a Segway just get cool? We'd say so.

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Segway ES4 Electric Kick Scooter

MSRP $769, Save 15%

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