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The Smart Lock Deals You Can Trust on Amazon Prime Day

There are a lot of smart locks out there — these are the ones you should trust.

smartlocks roundup

There are a lot smart locks out there. And while they may look different and carry unique features, virtually all smart locks work the same way: with the help of a battery and a wireless connection, they lock and unlock. Bluetooth connections let you control your lock from short range (30 feet or so) and Wi-Fi lets you control it from anywhere through the internet and attach to virtual assistants at the cost of putting your lock on the broader internet.

If you've been waiting to buy one, wait no longer. There are a handful of great smart locks carrying heavy discounts because of Amazon Prime Day. These are the ones you should trust.

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Wyze Lock

$107.98 $89.99 ($17.99 off)

August Smart Lock with Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

$199.99 $111.58 ($88.41 off)

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave

$219.00 $153.30 ($65.70 off)

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august smart lock


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