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Got Big 2021 Fitness Plans? Recover Better with These Tools on Sale at REI

Your muscles aren't going to recover themselves.

trigger point vibrating foam roller
Trigger Point

With the new year comes new fitness goals. The problem with ramping up your fitness is that this is often not well received by your joints and muscles. Jumping into new workouts too quickly can cause problems, as can working out in the cold of winter. Luckily there are a ton of products that have come out in the past few years that help you recover without the need for a professional-level sports facility.

Whether you're looking for an elite-level massage gun or just need a foam roller to cool down after a workout, REI currently has a sale going on lots of recovery tools. We dug through the sale to find eight of our favorites — most of them at 25 percent off, too.


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Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller
Trigger Point Performance

$35 $26 (25% off)

This recovery staple is simple and easy to use. 

AcuCurve Cane Massager
Trigger Point Performance

$20 $15 (25% off) 

Get to those hard to reach places with this handy massager. 

Trigger Point Impact

$200 $150 (25% off)

This massage gun bridges the gap between affordability and performance recovery.

Hypersphere Mini

$100 $80 (20% off)

Three settings and two hours of massage power on one charge in a small package make this a perfect travel companion.  

Trigger Point Charge Vibe Vibrating Foam Roller
Trigger Point Performance

$100 $75 (25% off)

This roller combines the comfort of foam with vibration technology to soothe sore muscles in minutes. 

Trigger Point GRID X Foam Roller

$50 $37 (25% off)

This is the beefed-up extra-firm version of Trigger Point's GRID. 

Trigger Point GRID STK X Foam Roller
Trigger Point Performance

$40 $30 (25% off)

You get the same foam as the GRID X but in stick form, making it a bit easier to roll out those smaller muscles. 

Hypervolt Bluetooth Massager

$349 $299 (14% off)

This top of the line massager was created to help Kobe Bryant recover. 


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