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Aqua Bags & Slosh Balls

Shake Up Your Workout Routine

Aqua Bags


Australia-based Aqua Bags has just the training tool to shake up your routine. Literally. Filled with water, the Aqua Bag is a resistance training aid that forces your body to compensate (read: stabilize) for the bag’s instability. It may seem harmless enough, but they claim it will engage muscles from your wrists down through your core. That’s in addition to the standard muscles that particular exercise targets.

Cost: Aqua Bag (~$121) | Aqua Slug (~$149) | Set (~$252)

Slosh Balls


In the same vein as the Aqua Bag, the Slosh Balls looks like traditional medicine balls with the added instability from offered by a water core. If you don’t consider yourself a gym person or simply like working out in the comforts of your own home, the A1ua Bag and Slosh Balls will add resistance training elements you simply can’t get by doing push-ups in front of the TV. They’ve even included a routine here.

Cost: Small (~$40) | Medium (~$93) | Large (~$102)| Set of 3 (~$190)

Editor’s Note: Prices in estimated US dollars at time of publishing. Check for Current Australian to US dollar exchange rates here.

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