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Lightweight Running Shorts Are One of the Best New Pieces of Fitness Gear of June

Recently, New Balance released its new Pride Month shoe, Rapha revealed innovative bib shorts, Nike made a shoe for riding inside and more.


With the summer solstice mere days away, we can finally look in our rearview at one of the weirdest springs on record. When COVID-19 forced us out of gyms and fitness studios, it helped us figure out how to get fit at home, and many of us rediscovered the joys of running and biking.

With the warmer months ahead, we’ll all be exercising a lot more outside anyways. Thankfully there’s a slew of new gear to help. Recently, New Balance released its new Pride Month shoe, Rapha revealed innovative bib shorts, Nike made a shoe for riding inside and more. (Oh, and congrats to San Luis Obispo on being named the best city for cycling in the country.)

New Balance Echolucent Pride

June is Pride Month, but New Balance’s celebratory runners will look good all year. The semi-translucent design tops the sneaker brand’s recently improved FuelCell midsole, which is both bouncy and supportive.

BUY NOW: $110

Rapha Pro Team Powerweave Bib

So technically we’re late to the chase on this one, but Rapha’s Pro Team Powerweave Bib is too cool to leave out based on a small detail like its release date. It’s the most advanced bib short ever from the company — that’s saying something — and it’s made with the same tech Rapha integrated into its latest shoe.

Learn More: Here

Path Projects Wildcat AT Short

Just in time for the warm summer months, the Wildcat AT is the lightest running short from the direct-to-consumer brand Path Projects. Its Airtastic fabric is breathable, stretchy and helps it weigh in at a remarkable 2.2 ounces. And even though the Wildcat is running minimalism at its best, it still includes pockets for your phone and keys.

BUY NOW: $42

Honey Stinger Plus+ Performance Chews

Honey Stinger’s new batch of energy chews comes with a kick of caffeine and is available in flavors you’ll actually want to eat, like Stingerita Lime, Lemon Ginger and Mango Melon.

BUY NOW: $17+

Nuun Podium Series

Nuun recently complemented its mid-effort Endurance formula, which is already replacing other energy drinks on marathon race courses, with pre- and post-workout drink mixes. The three types make up the Podium Series and provide a rounded hydration and energy formula made of all-vegan ingredients.

BUY NOW: $47+

Nike SuperRep Cycle

It seems like lore at this point, but Nike did make cycling shoes once upon a time. The SuperRep Cycle, its new indoor spin shoe, might signify that it’s planning to enter the peloton once again.

BUY NOW: $120

Pedaled x Fizik Jary Terra Powerstrap X4

Whereas the SuperRep is dedicated to the indoors, this collaboration between Pedaled and Fizik is about getting outside and going off-road. The shoe features the stiff power-return characteristic of performance cycling shoes but also includes features like dual-Velcro for easy adjustments and rubber tread when hiking is necessary.

BUY NOW: ~$173

Pearl iZumi Elevate Knee Guard

After a long winter, many mountain bikers dedicate the beginning of summer to knocking the proverbial rust off their riding. Knee pads help in that process, and Pearl iZumi’s new set expertly balances light weight with real protection. They’re plenty flexible and breathable, too.

BUY NOW: $125

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