Can Chocolate Really Make You Smarter?

Nyrvana’s new dark chocolate-coated truffles pack a bunch of “brain-enhancing ingredients,” which makes us go “hmm.”


Every time a study trumpeting the health benefits of dark chocolate appears, we naturally rejoice. But what would happen if someone set out to create a dark chocolate product specifically optimized to boost your brain and body? Don’t tax your mind with that question, because someone just did. Nyrvana chocolate truffles are the, ahem, brainchild of Drew Logan, a best-selling author and NBC fitness and nutrition expert who suffered three cardiac arrests and coma and emerged with the realization that a healthy control center in the brain was the key to peak performance.

So what makes the truffles so special? Dark chocolate, yes, but a host of other “brain-enhancing” ingredients, including Nootropics such as Alpha-GPC, L-Theanine and B12, plus metabolism-boosting coconut oil and (THre) Natural Sweetener, which adds sweetness without the buzz-killing sugar crash. The truffles clock in at just one net carb and 99 calories. Which means that while we can’t be certain whether they actually work at this point, we do know that you can toss a couple down your gullet without worrying about your waistline.

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