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It’s Time You Bought a Better Whiskey Glass

You wouldn’t cut a steak with a plastic knife, would you?

Henry Phillips

You don’t need a whiskey glass to drink whiskey. Any old cup will do. But if you’re paying real money for tasty bourbon or Scotch, drinking it out of a crummy cup is akin to using a plastic knife to cut a porterhouse. It functions, sure. But there’s something lost there — a feeling, maybe. Or a mood. If you believe good whiskey deserves better, read on for three glasses to add to the bar cart.

Snowe Short Tumbler


For Cocktails: With its thick base and tapered sides, Snowe’s Short Tumbler feels good in the hand. Like all of the brand’s glassware, the tumbler is made in Italy using lead-free crystallized glass that’s dishwasher safe.

Buy Now: $48 (For 4)

Riedel Vinum Whisky Glasses


For Scotch: Made from thin, fine crystal, Riedel’s Whisky Glass was first designed in 1992 and bears resemblance to the classic Glencairn glass. The design features a curved lip that, unlike a brandy glass, for example, doesn’t trap too many of the alcohol aromas, and also directs whisky to the proper part of the tongue, where sweetness is perceived.

Buy Now: $47 (For 2)

Waterford Crystal Mad Men Tumbler


For Whiskey on the Rocks: Inspired by the glasses used by Don Draper, Waterford Crystal’s Mixology Mad Men Edition Double Old Fashioned tumbler features a gold band near the brim, along with a heavy, sculpted base. Waterford Crystal also offers highball versions in this style, as well as tumblers with platinum bands (which, though less elegant, are truer to the show).

Learn More: Here

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