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Buying Your First Cast-Iron Skillet? Just Get This

Spend a little more on Field Company's cast iron, and you'll never settle for less.

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Skip the heavy lifting and go straight to what’s best. Just Get This is our no-nonsense guide to the gear you need, now.

Do you need a cast-iron skillet? No, most cooking needs are filled by nice stainless steel (even fixing up a steak). But if you do get one, you'll get exceptionally good sears, natural non-stick and — with the right care — a tool that will last multiple lifetimes.

Forego the buying guides and endless Reddit threads on cast-iron skillets because Field Company's are the best for the money. This is why.

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Lightweight like no other

Cast iron's greatest downfall may be its weight. Once you set it on the stove, or over a fire, it's pretty much stationary until you're done cooking. Because Field Company's skillet are lighter than the competition, they're easier to maneuver, especially with an easy-to-grip handle. So give your vegetables a toss, butter-baste your steak with ease and bring this on all your camping trips.

Smooth as butter

Cheap cast-iron skillets will have a rough, pebble-like surface, and it's to the detriment of your cooking. Naturally, an uneven surface results in uneven cooking. Check out the surface of a Field Company skillet, and you'll see it's as slick as a freshly Zambonied ice rink. The machine-smoothed surface reduces the number of hot spots, and it really highlights the non-stick capabilities of cast iron.

Better pre-seasoning

Most cast iron cookware comes pre-seasoned. Field Company's skillets just happen to have the best pre-seasoning we've cooked on. With two layers of grapeseed oil already coating the pan, you can go from unboxing to egg frying in no time.

Field Cast Iron Skillet
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