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Adoboloco Hot Sauce

What's Hawaiian for more water please?


Founded on the basic ingredients of love and salmonella, culinary amateurism can be downright frightening. Yet hot sauce producer Adoboloco ($8+) has managed to pull it off, thriving without a Kraft-sized bankroll. This Hawaiian family unit has turned cuisine curiosity, which started as a simple family garden project and a love of spiciness, into a full-fledged sauce-making powerhouse. They use only simple ingredients (apple cider vinegar, a variety of chili peppers, Hawaiian sea salt and garlic) to produce a unique flavor additive, heat indexed from mild to very hot and based solely on the delicious flavor from each type of pepper featured. Five flavors are already on the shelves, and Adoboloco has launched a Kickstarter project to fund a custom shipping box that will increase distribution efficiency. With a flair for food and design, all we can say is: these people, they understand us. 

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