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Best Gifts for Men — 41 Ideas for Every Guy You Know

Birthdays. Anniversaries.

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Gear Patrol

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Father’s Day. The calendar is chock-full of occasions for gifting, so coming up with the goods for your dad, best friend or significant other — nevermind, all three! — is easier said than done. To make your life easier, and his gift better, we’ve collected some of our most stood-behind products for a no-B.S. guide to gear he’s sure to love.

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Rastal Teku Beer Glass

Rastal’s Teku glass is the original craft beer drinking vessel. Although it optimizes the aromas and flavors of craft beers, it also makes drinking a Bud Light a more pleasurable experience.

BUY NOW: $12

Crown & Buckle Spring Bar Tool

Even a casual watch lover needs a spring bar tool, and Crown & Buckle’s is the best — keep it handy to easily change a strap, adjust a bracelet and more.

BUY NOW: $14

Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The best $15 you’re likely to spend is probably gonna be on this T-shirt. The cotton is soft, but substantial and the fit is spot-on — neither too tight nor too relaxed. For the price, there’s no match.

BUY NOW: $15

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

Brooklyn-based Driftaway Coffee offers a coffee subscription that connects coffee drinks to the farmers to keep them caffeinated. The brand’s operations are carbon-neutral, and it pledges to support financial stability for its coffee farmers.

BUY NOW: $17

ShakeSphere Protein Shaker Bottle

We named the ShakeSphere one of 2019’s best fitness products for good reason: the internally seamless capsule employs centrifugal force to cleanly blend protein powder, water, milk and even some solids (like peanut butter and bananas) with vigorous shaking.

BUY NOW: $21

Gerber ComplEat Camp Cooking Tool

Combining a fork, spoon, dual-edge, spatula, bottle opener, can opener and veggie peeler into one compact format, the ComplEAT proves that it is indeed possible to get excited about campsite cutlery.

BUY NOW (Amazon): $24 BUY NOW (Gerber): $29

Knickerboker x Gear Patrol Overland Tee

We collaborated with New York-based fashion brand Knickerbocker on this soft, comfortable and versatile T-shirt. It’s an ode to timeless pursuits of all types, whether that’s getting outdoors or finding that pristine Land Rover Defender resto-mod.

BUY NOW: $29

Crown & Buckle Chevron Strap

These NATO/perlon hybrid straps are easy to adjust to a custom length, come in multiple sizes and colors and are purposefully overbuilt. In other words: they’re perfect for summer.

BUY NOW: $32

Blink Mini

This $35 smart home camera works is a great gift for anybody that uses Amazon Alexa. It has similar features as way more expensive smart home cameras. And, right now, every new Blink Mini owner gets a free trial of the company’s Plus subscription plan (grants the camera 60 days of rolling video storage) through the end of the year.

BUY NOW: $35

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

A great foam roller doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The durable Grid features a multi-density exterior to support superior myofascial release and aid muscle recovery — and the free online video library that comes with it ensures optimal use.

BUY NOW: $35

Wanderlust: A Hiker’s Companion

Everyone needs inspiration. For outdoor enthusiasts, this tome, which details hikes around the globe with key info as well as photos and maps, is it.

BUY NOW: $36

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm

Aesop’s Geranium Leaf Body Balm is an all-natural miracle lotion that features a rich blend of natural nut oils and citris extracts to achieve max hydration and soft skin. The price might make you balk, but trust us — a little goes a long, long way.

BUY NOW: $37

Gear Patrol Annual Magazine Subscription

It’s everything you love about our award-winning product journalism, but in glorious print form.

BUY NOW: $39

Brush Hero Wheel Brush

The truth is in the details. Whether it’s keeping those fancy Porsche wheels pristine or sprucing up the patio furniture, the Brush Hero is the ideal, easy to use cleaning tool.

BUY NOW: $40

Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug Top

Yeti’s Rambler sets the standard for durable, daily-use water bottles.

BUY NOW: $40

Kalita Wave 185 Dripper

The defacto pour-over coffee brewer is affordable, durable, travel-ready and as beginner-friendly as a pour-over dripper gets.

BUY NOW: $44

Sega Genesis Mini

The Sega Genesis Mini is a miniature retro gaming console that plugs into your modern TV (via HDMI) and lets you play 40 classic Sega games, like Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim and Street Fighter 2.

BUY NOW: $50

Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board

Food52’s in-house line of products are co-designed by thousands of the site’s devotees. Its bamboo cutting board, which comes with deep juice grooves and a slot for your phone to stand up for easier recipe reading.

BUY NOW: $59

Tanner Goods Journeyman

It doesn’t get much simpler than Tanner Goods’ Journeyman card holder. It’s got a slim profile, perfect to stow in the front pocket, but enough slots to hold the essential cards and a few bills. Plus, the vegetable-tanned leather is sure to age beautifully.

BUY NOW: $60

Wahl Lithiom Ion + Trimmer

Used by professionals and DIY self-barbers alike, the Wahl Lithion Ion + Beard Trimmer is the ideal tool for sculpting your facial topiary. It’s cordless for better maneuverability, powerful enough to glide through the thickest hair and comes with all the right attachments to get you the cut you’re after.

BUY NOW: $70

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve 2.0

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing mountain climbers at the gym or climbing an actual mountain — having a breathable tee that wicks moisture and is comfy enough to wear on an off day is essential.

BUY NOW: $78

Tropic Dive Strap

Chances are if you were a diver in the 1960s, you owned a watch on a Tropic strap. The modern version is made from a new, vulcanized rubber formula that won’t fade from sunlight and is completely hypoallergenic.

BUY NOW: $79

Converse Chuck 70 Low

The Chuck 70 is Converse’s retro reintroduction of the modern Chuck Taylor. But it’s not just a blast from the past. Everything about it is upgraded, from the canvas to the rubber to the insoles and more, it’s completely worth the price jump.

BUY NOW: $80

Watches by Hodinkee

With sections on everything from dive watches to military watches to iconic watches and everything in between, this book is required reading for the serious (or casual) horophile.

BUY NOW: $85

Lego Creator Expert Set: Fiat 500

Legos’s Creator Expert series provides the ultimate challenge for ages 16-plus. This Fiat 500 kit will offer a taste of La Dolce Vita for the man who enjoys putting together 960-piece car models.

BUY NOW: $90

Sony WF-XB700 Wireless Earbuds

The WF-XB700 are one of Sony’s newest truly wireless earbuds and a great alternative to Apple AirPods. They’re easy to use and have an IPX4 water- and sweat-resistance rating. Plus, their battery life is excellent.

BUY NOW: $98

Taylor Stitch The Jack

The Jack is a modern upgrade on the everyday oxford that he’ll want to wear every single day.

BUY NOW: $98

Riley Home Percale Sheet Set

At under $100, Riley Home’s Percale Sheet Sets offer the best value, with long-staple combed cotton and an understated baratta stitch. The sheets will keep you cool in the summer and offer supreme softness comparable to sheets triple the price.

BUY NOW: $99

Innova Pro Code Scanner

Cars have become incredibly complex. Even the most experienced mechanic can struggle to diagnose problems by ear and intuition. When that dreaded check engine light comes on, save time and money with this Innova code reader.

BUY NOW: $100

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

A traditional “horizontal” mouse can cause pronation (aka pressure or stress) of the wrist, which can be very uncomfortable. An ergonomic mouse, like Logitech’s the MX Vertical, can fix that. If you’re shopping for somebody that you know hates their mouse or even the trackpad on their laptop, this is the perfect workstation upgrade.

BUY NOW: $100

Sony SRS-XB23 Portable Speaker

The SRS-XB23 is one of Sony’s newest portable Bluetooth speakers. It’s completely waterproof (IP67-rated) and plays pretty loud despite its small size. It’s also Sony’s first portable speaker to charge via USB-C, which is a nice modern touch.

BUY NOW: $100

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Therapy Ball

This GP100 selection packs a ton of good vibes into a unit about the size of a lacrosse ball. The 10-watt motor delivers three speeds of percussive massage that can work wonders around sore necks, feet and other pain points.

BUY NOW: $103

Molequin Taupe Calfskin Strap

Molequin’s straps are some of the best on the market — with multiple sizes, several hardware options and even different spring bar choices, they’re semi-customizable, too. This Taupe color will look great with any watch.

BUY NOW: $115

Leatherman Free P2 Multi-tool

Leatherman made its plier-centric multi-tool more practical than ever, thanks to the integration of magnets that let you use each of its 19 tools with one hand.

BUY NOW: $120

Filson Rugged Twill Travel Kit

Filson’s burly twill has been the stuff of legend, carrying loads of precious EDC in its lineup of totes and briefcases. The same rugged materials go into its dopp kit, so you know your toiletries will be safe.

BUY NOW: $125

Reigning Champ Mid Weight Terry Sweatshirt

Reigning Champ’s Mid Weight Terry Sweatshirt is the brand’s bread and butter. Crafted in Canada, the sweatshirt boasts plush and durable cotton terry fabric, cut into a modern silhouette, and better construction than you’re used to seeing on a sweatshirt.

BUY NOW: $125

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite is the best e-reader for most people. It’s lightweight and waterproof, and it has a high-resolution screen and built-in Bluetooth (works great with Audible). Oh yea, it’s battery life is so great that it can also go weeks between charges.

BUY NOW: $130

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 55L

When it comes to versatile and rugged bags, it’s virtually impossible to beat Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel. And being made with 100 percent recycled body fabric, lining and webbing is gravy on top.

BUY NOW: $139

The James Brand Carter

Think of the Carter as a gateway knife — it’ll provide a sense of what premium steel and an incredibly smooth opening mechanism are like at a fraction of the cost. Those same materials are low-maintenance too, so you can use this knife without fussing over it.

BUY NOW: $139

The Zeus: Powerbank and Jump Starter

This versatile portable power bank can charge your phone, jumpstart your car and serve as a lighter or flashlight. And, yes, it’s hard to find a cooler name than the Zeus.

BUY NOW: $150

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System

Home fitness is huge right now, but you don’t need a full weight set or exercise bike to get a great workout. This compact system enables hundreds of body-blasting moves, and the included 30-day trial of the TRX app helps you learn them.

BUY NOW: $170

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