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The 8 Items Any Chef Would Love to Receive

There are certain added benefits to gifting things to those who love to cook, which may or may not include free, delicious food or baked goods. Results may vary.

chef gift guide
Henry Phillips

If "call a professional" sounds more like capitulation than sage advice to you, odds are good you'll love the gear you see here.

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Benriner "Little Beni" Japanese Mandoline
Henry Phillips

"Little Beni" is a smaller version of a chef-favorite cooking tool. The mandoline guarantees every potato, cucumber, radish or apple slice is the exact same thickness. Three blades and adjustable depths provide room for experimenting, too. 

Spicewalla 10-Pack
Henry Phillips

Buy. Fresher. Spices. Like coffee, ground-up spices will turn bad over time. Spiecwalla's are fresher than anything at the grocery store, meaning you need less for the same flavor impact. 

Chubo Plating Chopsticks
Henry Phillips
Plating Chopsticks

This is not your usual pair of chopsticks. For years, Japanese sushi experts have used plating chopsticks, called moribashi, to delicately place fish. Nowadays, even Michelin-starred chefs have adopted them to create intricately designed dishes. 

Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board
Henry Phillips

Food52 turned to its readers to make a line of cookware perfect for the modern home cook. Its bamboo cutting board has a deep-grooved moat for catching juices, a pour spout and a phone slot so you can follow recipes or FaceTime your friends. 

Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan
Henry Phillips

Carbon steel combines the heat retention of cast iron with the convenience of a non-stick surface. Made In’s Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan is meant for home kitchens (most carbon steel is intended for restaurant use) and reasonably priced. 

Henry Phillips
crate and barrel

This Mexican mortar-and-pestle gets better as it ages. The old-school volcanic-rock multi-tool is best for grinding whole spices, prepping guac and making quick sauces or marinades. 

Thermapen Mk4
Henry Phillips

In less than three seconds, get an accurate instant reading of your food’s temperature. The Thermapen is the most recommended food thermometer there is, so this one’s a no-brainer. 

Zojirushi Griddle
Gear Patrol

Ken Tomita - Founder, Grovemade

"My family and I go up to my mom's house every Tuesday for teppa-nyaki dinner. Covid-19 put a halt to these meals, so my mother lent us her Zojirushi griddle to make teppanyaki ourselves. Teppanyaki is a style of cooking in which you cook food at the table. Most Japanese families have these hot plates in their homes, and Zojirushi is a trusted home appliance brand in Japan. I'll use olive oil on one side and garlic and butter on the other of the non-stick hot plate. When the food is done, you grab it and dip it in sauce. It's simple cooking where its pleasures lie in eating good ingredients right off the hot skillet."

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