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The Best Pocket Knives to Gift This Year

From an affordable French folder to a limited-edition fixed blade — and some cool accessories, too.

best pocket knives to gift

A decades-old superstition has some of us fearing that gifting a knife doesn't bode well for the relationship between recipient and giver. (The way around any ill fate is to include a coin with the blade so that its new owner can return it as payment — it's a purchase, not a gift.) The truth is, knives are perfect gifts. They're practical, prepossessing and tend to turn into family heirlooms. So pluck up your courage and tempt fate, or break out the piggy bank.

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SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 20-Pack
Simple Houseware amazon.com

If you're gifting a pocket knife this year, these handy cleaning cloths make a nice stocking stuffer add-on.

Petes Lube

The "teach a man to fish" proverb applies to knives via maintenance. That's why you should consider this high-quality and affordable formula for your knife-owning recipient.

Opinel No.08
Opinel amazon.com

With its wood and steel construction, the No. 8 is a classic — and  handsome beyond what its price tag might imply.

Work Sharp Whetstone Knife Sharpener
Work Sharp
Work Sharp amazon.com

Knife sharpening can be intimidating, but Work Sharp's Whetstone includes guides that make it a cinch.

Gerber Armbar Cork
Gerber Gear amazon.com

This mini multi-tool is mostly knife, but there's plenty of use to pull from its set of tools, including scissors, a can opener and a corkscrew.

Buck Knives 112 Ranger
Buck Knives
Buck Knives amazon.com

First made in 1972, the Ranger has since become an icon of American knifemaking. It's the perfect way to begin a pocket knife collection and a worthy addition to one that doesn't yet include it.

Urban EDC Organizer Mini
Urban EDC Supply
Urban EDC Supply urbanedcsupply.com

With room for two tools — a knife and a pen, for instance — plus cash and credit cards, this organizer is a simple and elegant way to order everything in your pocket.

The Cache River
The James Brand
The James Brand thejamesbrand.com

Your run-of-the-mill Phillips head won't help when it comes time to modify or adjust a pocket knife. But The James Brand packed everything you need for that inside a tool that's lust-worthy by itself.

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WESN Microblade 2.0
WESN avantlink.com

If you know someone who should carry a pocket knife but doesn't, get them the Microblade. It's small enough for their keychain and handy in most situations requiring a sharp edge.

Victorinox Spartan Onyx Black
Victorinox swissarmy.com

This ain't your grand daddy's Swiss Army Knife. Well, it is, but now it's all dressed up in black.

Leatherman Free K2X
Leatherman amazon.com

The K2X is more knife than multi-tool, but it still packs enough implements to give it an extra edge.

Drop Cache Display Valet
Drop Drop

What's the point of having a knife collection if you can't show it off?

SOG Ultra XR
SOG avantlink.com

At 1.2 ounces, the Ultra XR is shockingly lightweight. But it's also plenty powerful with its S35VN blade and carbon fiber handle, which doubles as a money clip.

CRKT Parascale
Columbia River Knife & Tool amazon.com

CRKT devised a unique channel system that allowed it to pack four feet of paracord into the handle of this survival-oriented pocket knife.

Gerber Terracraft
Gerber avantlink.com

Part of a limited run of American-made blades, the Terracraft is a modern take on the do-everything fixed blade. It looks pretty, sure, but it doesn't need coddling.

Filson Ranchlands Knife Roll
Filson filson.com

The most treasured collection deserves an equally thoughtful container. Produced by a family ranching business in Colorado, this vegetable-tanned leather roll is up to that task.

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