Intro-Tech Automotive Pit Stop Furniture

Who Says You Ever Have to Stop Sitting Behind the Wheel


There are car fans and then there are Car Fans. For those that happen to fall into the latter bucket, Intro-Tech Automotive’s aptly named Pit Stop furniture collection may just be the perfect compliment to your race car bed. Styled from what appears to be remaindered parts from a Nascar garage, this chair and desk set definitely borders on ridiculous overkill… which means it’s right up our alley.

For instance, the F1 series office chair’s armrests are composed of embossed tire tread armrests and an adjustable racing shock suspension. A built in air pump also allows sitters to adjust the lumbar support level of the chairs Akira-esque leatherette backing, while a billet aluminum shift knob provides the option of four ergonomic seating positions. Likewise, the rolling base of the chair is supported by an additional racing suspension spring, and features 5 22″ style racing wheels.

Similarly, the Grand Prix office desk features a racing style spoiler tray, topped by tempered glass. The structure is also comprised of stainless steel braided hoses with duel 13 chrome metal shocks for lateral support, while more 22″ style lockable racing wheels which allows the desk to be rolled should one need to re arrange its position in a room.

Costing a combined $1,250 for the set, only dedicated car nuts should consider adding this to their home office. That is, unless your name is Richie Rich.

Cost: $1,250

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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