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5 Beds Fit For A Man*

*That Won’t Break The Bank Here’s what your bed says about you to a woman: crap sheets? She’ll think you’re cheap.

*That Won’t Break The Bank

Here’s what your bed says about you to a woman: crap sheets? She’ll think you’re cheap. Pristinely made? She’ll either think that you’re OCD (not good) or that you have a housekeeper (good). Quality, clean sheets, disheveled ever-so invitingly? She’ll want to dishevel them even more.

Beyond the obvious benefits of a woman’s seal of approval, a bed should reflect a man’s personality which means not messy, smart patterns, and a conservative execution, overall. IKEA is great (one of our beds is from IKEA), but isn’t it time to look past cardboard and veneer?

We’ve compiled five well-priced beds appropriate for a variety of men’s homes and tastes after the jump.

Corner-Leg Platform Bed (West Elm, $549-$679)


Which Man: The modern man looking for an appropriately modern bed without overreaching in design or dollars. A bed that not only serves your sleep needs but bring a confident style. A decidedly African design with big-city lines. The one downside: no place for her to attach handcuffs.

Laguna Platform Bed (Walmart.com, not the store, $239)


Which Man: The budget-conscious man that’s willing to show that he can look past his big-box retail store prejudices to find something befitting his taste and not have to use his credit card. We were just as surprised to find this available through walmart.com.

Octave Bed (Crate & Barrel, $399-$599)


Which Man: The man with a more chiseled taste, preferring his lines clean, contemporary, and steely. He might also lean towards minimalism and probably drives a white Volvo. White sheets and staid patterns welcome.

MALM (IKEA, $129+)


Which Man: The guy who knows a budget-friendly classic when he sees it and can take a college brand staple and turn it into the hub of his slumber domain. Definitely has to know how to buy a set of sheets that can take a somewhat blasé design and give it chutzpah. Have your Philips head driver a friend at the ready.

Regents Bed (Plummers, $499)


Which Man: The man from California (producer, perhaps?) that wants to make a statement without flexing. Suburb-bound men will also appreciate the robust, modern, and masculine design. A woman will appreciate the subtle notion that you sleep in a gladiator-like camiseta.

Know of a better bed for a better price? Make sure and leave us a comment or link below.

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