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F. Dick Double-Edged Cleaver

When A Chef's Knife, Literally, Just Won't Cut It


For that rare moment when your dreams of culinary prowess coincide with childhood dreams of the arcade classic Gauntlet, German manufacturer F. Dick has a knife ready to fit the bill. The F. Dick Double Edged Cleaver is the ultimate blade for any heavy-duty application and qualifies as all-around, bad-ass kitchen gear. Seriously, a double-edged cleaver? The Double Edged Cleaver features dual 6.5″ sided blades made from high quality, hand-forged stainless steel and a full tang, riveted 7″ handle for extra oomph on those heavy duty cutting jobs. Just don’t blame us when you can’t land the role of “The Butcher” in the Gangs of New York sequel.

About The Company: The F. Dick Company has been manufacturing blades since 1778, so they know a thing or two about blades. They design and develop with three goals: innovation, quality, and service after the sale. Their result is a well-known blade amongst professionals and is blessedly available to consumers.

Cost: $200

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