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Pottery Barn Wine Bottle Chandelier

A Wino's Fixture of Choice


Distinctive in every sense of the word, this Wine Bottle Chandelier from Pottery Barn ($399) is a creative fixture any wine lover can appreciate. Weighing 30 pounds and measuring 18″ in diameter, 33″ high, with a 6 foot chain for hanging, this chandelier is a manageable dining room table friendly size that won’t give those seated underneath the sense that they’re the latest stars in the sequel to Independence Day. The iron ring also ships with re-purposed wine bottles featuring cork stoppers, so unfortunately you have no incentive to drink more in order to fill out the fixture.

In terms of light, the core has placements for 4, 60 watt bulbs, which provide direct illumination immediately underneath as well as more muted coloring that’s diffused through the green glass bottles. We of course realize that it may not fall in line with everyone’s tastes, but it sure adds more design style than your run of the mill ceiling light. Teetotaling dinner guests however may not agree.

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Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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