The Best Gear for the Coziest Bedroom Imaginable

Spending more time in the bedroom in the social distancing era? So is everybody else. Here's what you need to make the most of it.

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Since late March, Social distancing measures have made homebodies of us all. How to cope? We're cooking more, working out in our living rooms, streaming everything and playing more videogames than ever. But distractions aren't infinite, and there comes a time when the extra months of stress we're putting on our homes begins to take its toll – the cheap mattress, hand-me-down blanket and old pillow show their true colors in wear and tear and stiff necks.

In fact, since the pandemic spread, the bedroom and the things in it have become something of an oasis inside isolation. Survey results from Ally Home suggest the number of Americans who view the bedroom as their favorite room has grown by nearly 20 percent. Here's everything you need to upgrade yours.

The Best Mattresses You Can Buy

Avocado Mattress

From budget-minded mattresses to the best of the best, this definitive guide offers up the best mattresses for every kind of sleeper.

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Sleep Hot? Get a Breathable Comforter

Pottery Barn

If you're a someone who needs to be covered to fall asleep, these comforters offer all the coziness of a duvet, minus the night sweats.

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Adjustable Pillows Are Popping Off


Adjustable pillows are the latest innovation to hit the bedding world. Simply add or remove fill or inserts until you reach your desired firmness. While some may chalk up body aches and bad sleep nights to a crappy mattress, some of those issues are a result of sleeping on a worthless pillow.

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Hemp Bedding > Linen


Hemp is in. The less-famous strain of cannabis sativa won't get you high, but it is lauded by environmentalists for its sustainability and health benefits. How to get in on it? Sleep.

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A Guide to Buying Bed Sheets That Don't Suck


This definitive guide to the best sheets of 2020 answers everything you need to know to buy better bedding this year. We tested 34 different sets to find the best sheets for every type of sleeper, at every budget.

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