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4 Top-Rated Vacuum Cleaners to Scoop Up On Prime Day

… according to real Amazon reviewers.


Some things require more research than others, and often the most reliable information comes from those who already own the object under consideration. In the realm of vacuums, poor design and personal preferences often don’t reveal themselves until it’s too late — but reviews can help to avoid buyer’s remorse.

This Prime Day, don’t buy blindly. No matter how tempting a discount may be, look to ratings to ensure that a deal is worthwhile — and give the comments a scroll. And below, find four top-rated vacuums in varying styles, all included in this year’s Prime Day deals.

Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum

Best upright vacuum. “This vacuum is great! It is light with serious suction! It transfers from carpet to hard floors with ease. When using it on hard floors it works perfectly sucking up dirt and dust bunnies, not blowing it around and making us chase it like our other vacuum used to do! The cord is of good quality, heavy duty and very long! We use this in our home with our kid and pets…. Only drawback is that it doesn’t come with a hose attachment for floor corners and edges.” — Verified Customer

Average Rating: 4.3/5
Five-star Reviews: 1,417

Buy Now: $135 (20% off)

Black+Decker MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum with Floor Head

Best cordless stick vacuum. “We’ve had this for about three weeks now and absolutely love it. Our normal vacuum cleaner is too heavy and bulky for quick clean-up jobs, but our old hand vac makes us bend over the whole time to get the floors. This is a nice compromise, something that we can use to clean up dog hair and small messes without being too much of a pain to get out and set up. I would not try to use this as a complete vacuum cleaner replacement, but it does a good job on the small-ish jobs around the house…. The pet hair brush worked well to remove dog hair and dust from an inflatable mattress (last used for camping) and the stick vac extension was able to pick up sand easily.” — Jason C. Taylor

Average Rating: 4.2/5
Five-star Reviews: 405

Buy Now: $97

RolliBot Quiet Robotic Vacuum with UV Light Sterilization

Best robotic vacuum. “Received today and put it right to use. I have a German shepherd and a husky in my home — high shedders in late June, lower Alabama heat. I ran the machine for about two hours before it needed to be emptied. In that time, Rolli cleaned my entire living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway…. It even managed to sweep up a craft eyeball. I did buy the four year warranty as I have high-shed dogs and a toddler. Worth the purchase in my opinion.” — B. Lipscomb

Average Rating: 3.8/5
Five-star Reviews: 138

Buy Now: $135 (20% off)

Black+Decker MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum

Best cordless hand vacuum. “I’m happily surprised [by] how well this thing works. The key advantages seem to be the pivoting snout, the ease of emptying it and suction power. The snout has seven different positions, from folding up all the way to charge in the base station to rising at a 30-degree angle above the handle…. You can always tell how much space you have left thanks to the clear plastic housing. Attached to this is a simple latch for easy emptying. And thanks to the cyclic suction and 20V of power I feel like I’m using a full-sized vacuum. Dreamy! I’ve found myself cleaning things during my downtime because I feel empowered wielding this thing, like Mr. Clean combined with He-Man. And I thought I hated cleaning.” — Levin Mattson

Average Rating: 4.3/5
Five-star Reviews: 4,083

Buy Now: $55

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