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The 18 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

If you’re gifting to a coffee lover, you’re in luck — there’s perhaps no hobby that requires more awesome gear.

Chandler Bondurant

Shopping for a bonafide coffee lover? You’re in luck. There’s no shortage of great coffee gear, as coffee itself may be the most gear-intensive hobby one can take up. Grinders, scales and all manner of accessories are out there. But not everything you’ll find on Amazon is particularly necessary. To help filter through it all, this guide highlights only the best gear both pro baristas and regular joes will find useful.

Fellog Stagg EKG Kettle

Fellow’s really nice-looking electric kettle is also the best kettle a coffee nerd can buy. Hyper-precise temperature control, fast heating, timers for more specific pour-over recipes and a slow-pouring spout make for what is the most coffee-considered kettle ever.

Buy Now: $149

Kalita Wave Pour-Over

The Kalita Wave is both the best pour-over coffee maker for most people and a tool used by professional baristas. It has a flat bed with three holes, reducing the margin for error and, in effect, making it the easiest pour-over to master. It’s also magnificently cheap. Just make sure to get filters.

Buy Now: $25

Technivorm Moccamaster KB

The question of which is the best drip coffee maker you can buy has less to do with which brand makes the best, and more to do with which Moccamaster is the best. The first drip maker approved by the Specialty Coffee Association’s hyper-rigorous certifications, the Moccamaster is a bonafide industrial design icon. This model has a hot plate to keep your pot of coffee warm for longer, and a glass carafe that resists lingering odors (a problem with some steel carafes).

Buy Now: $299

NotNeutral Lino Mug

The handle of this mug is flush with the top, making it easier to hold for purposes of latte art. It also just looks really cool and comes in a ton of color options.

Buy Now: $15

The New Rules of Coffee

Written by the cofounders of Sprudge, this book appeals to anyone with even a remote interest in coffee. It covers all the basics — like the best way to store beans — and guides readers through the nuances of third-wave coffee culture.

Buy Now: $20

Baratza Encore Grinder

The best coffee grinders are electric, house burrs and can be taken apart for maintenance. Baratza is one of the most widely respected names in coffee, and its most affordable grinder has everything you need, including some of the best customer service you’ll ever experience.

Buy Now: $139

Acaia Pearl

This is the coffee maker’s coffee scale. Accurate to .1 grams and rocking a lightning fast 20-millisecond response time, the Pearl tracks how much coffee you’re using, how much water you’re pouring over it and how long it’s all taking. Plus, it looks good enough to earn a permanent countertop spot.

Buy Now: $140

Urnex Dezcale Cleaner

Limescale, the leftover residue of evaporated water with high minerality, is kind of gross. But it builds up in all manner of places, including your coffee machine. So while Urnex’s Dezscale limescale remover may be a slightly boring gift, it is a necessary one.

Buy Now: $17+

Third Wave Water

Be forwarned: Third Wave Water is peak coffee nerdery. Inside each of little packet is a hand picked collection of minerals ideal for coffee extraction. In order for water to extract coffee at ideal rates, it requires a certain level of minerality, which Third Wave Water provides.

Buy Now: $14

Generous Movement Subscription

Sometimes the simplest gift is the best one. If someone in your life loves coffee, give them coffee. Generous Movement’s coffee subscription program enables a steady stream of fresh-roasted beans to be delivered to the recipient’s door. As a bonus, 100 percent of the company’s profits are donated to non-profits.

Learn More: Here

Voilà Discovery Box

Voilà is the maker of Coffee Review’s highest-rated instant coffee ever. The process the company uses to convert fresh-roasted single origins into single-serving packets of instant coffee is proprietary, but it is one of very few instant coffees that may seriously challenge what people think about the stuff.

Buy Now: $16

Fellow Atmos Canisters

There are few things more depressing than very good coffee beans ruined by poor storage methods. The best way to store beans is via vacuum seal, and Fellow’s new vacuum sealed containers are about as easy as it gets. It is literally just a matter of putting the beans in the canister and twisting the lid until you see a small green dot. No plugs, no electricity, no problems.

Buy Now: $25

Yama French Press

A French press, though maligned by a select group of stuck-up coffee types, is a classic. Few other coffee brewing methods blend simplicity with elegance like the French press, and few French presses are as no-bullshit as Yama’s. Borosilicate glass isn’t porous, so odors and old coffee doesn’t stick around, and a stainless steel base keeps it right side up. Also, all the pieces come apart, so cleaning is a cinch.

Buy Now: $35

Toddy Cold Brew Maker

There’s little to say about Toddy’s stellar cold brew maker that hasn’t already been said. It’s excellent and really simple: you grind beans, steep them in room-temperature water for a day or so and strain them through the reusable filters. The result is cold brew concentrate with minimal silt, ready to mingle with a half glass of milk (water works too).

Buy Now: $35

Soma Brew Bottle

We waited many long months between Soma’s Brew Bottle winning an SCA Best New Product Award and it releasing, but it was worth it. It can work as an everyday travel coffee mug, but it’s also a mini pour-over brewer and a cold brew maker thanks to its handy built-in stainless steel filter. On top of this, the whole thing is just plain nice to handle — the lid isn’t chintzy plastic and the extra-thick glass body is plenty sturdy.


Porlex Hand Grinder

You can feel the quality of a Porlex the moment you hold one in your hands. It’s heavy, nothing is jingling around and the burr grinder inside is rock solid. Hand grinders aren’t for everybody, but for the travelling coffee enthusiast or someone who’s making coffee for one, they work just fine.


Kruve Sifter

In coffee-brewing circles, you’ll hear people use the phrases under- or over-extracted constantly. This means that the coffee they’ve made either has too much coffee material in it (over-extracted) or too little (under-extracted). The result of either is a not-so-good cup of coffee, and the cause is most often inconsistent grind size. The Kruve sifter fixes that by doing exactly what you’d guess — sifting. Kruve ships in either 6- or 12-count packs, with each sifter differing in grind size.

Buy Now: $70

Vitamix Aer Disc Container

Vitamix’s Aer Disc container isn’t really a blender. Technically, it’s a super aggressive aerator. What does this mean? Pour a bit of half-and-half or heavy cream in, turn it on for 10 or 15 seconds and you’ve got a whipped cream that’s perfect to top your favorite coffee drink in the morning. It is unequivocally the fastest path to whipped drinks out there. The catch? You have to already own a standard Vitamix base blender to use it.

Buy Now: $145

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