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The Best Air Mattresses You Can Buy in 2020

Don’t blow up over unexpected houseguests.


Air mattresses are a convenient way to make sure you always have a place for guests, both expected and unexpected, to lay their heads. A good air mattress should be durable, portable, comfortable and firm enough to hold up human bodies. These are the best air mattresses to buy for every possible scenario.

Overall Best Air Mattress: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

At $120, SoundAsleep’s Dream Series Air Mattress is not a cheap buy, but its features justify the cost. The mattress uses what the brand calls ComfortCoil Technology, which is a system of internal air coils to prevent sagging and drooping. The air coils also give the mattress significantly more stability than standard air mattresses (it feels nearly as firm as a regular mattress). SoundAsleep considers this mattress a double-high air bed, and at 19-inches high, it is on the tall side. Active sleepers will appreciate the SureGrip bottom so the mattress stays put on slick surfaces, while the top surface is waterproof and puncture-resistant.

This is meant to be an at-home mattress; weighing 20 pounds, it’s unrealistic to schlep this on a hike. The convenient built-in pump is pretty much standard with modern air mattresses, and it takes around four minutes to inflate and deflate — a bit long, but what’s the rush?

BUY NOW: $120

Best Air Mattress for Camping: Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad

The mummy-shaped Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad is the choice pick for those hitting the trail. It is low-profile and lightweight, weighing just one pound for the long size. The mattress’ ThermaCapture is a reflective coating that prevents body heat loss by returning it back to you. A patented Triangular Core Matrix offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio, which is why the technology is used in most of the brand’s best-selling gear.

BUY NOW: $145+

Best Cheap Air Mattress: Beautyrest Simmons Hi-Loft Air Mattress

If you don’t foresee too many drop-in guests, you probably don’t need to spend a lot on an air mattress. The Hi-Loft is under $100, even for the queen-sized, and it still works wonders for sporadic uses. It’s 17 inches tall and comes with a plug-in pump for speedy inflations. Picky sleepers can adjust the mattress’ firmness with single-touch controls. A raised perimeter prevents sleepers from rolling off, and the vertical beam construction was designed to provide ergonomic back support. While the mattress has a velvet top for comfort, we always recommend using a sheet on an air mattress for hygiene.

BUY NOW: $81

Best Self-Inflating Air Mattress: Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

The Insta-Bed nails its inflating technology in a way that few other air mattress brands have managed to achieve. The mattress has two pumps: its primary pump quickly inflates and deflates, and with the turn of a dial, sleepers can choose their desired firmness; a secondary pump monitors air pressure throughout the night and kicks in if it detects a loss of air.

BUY NOW: $95

Best Luxury Air Mattress: Aerobed Pillowtop Queen Air Mattress

The Aerobed Pillowtop stands at two feet high, making it easy to mount and dismount. A luxe pillowtop makes for a supremely comfortable feel, and a built-in USB charger is a highlight for anyone with an electronic device. The “Whoosh” valve is an ingenious name and way to deflate the mattress quickly when you’re in a hurry, and a firmness control wand is the ultimate lazy person’s tool for custom comfort at the touch of a button.

BUY NOW: $299

Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

If it’s going to be the best overall mattress, then it’s going to be the best everyday mattress, too. While we don’t recommend sleeping on an air mattress regularly, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress offers some of the best features for an air mattress you would want to use daily. To reiterate, this air mattress uses ComfortCoil Technology for comfort, firmness and longevity while the built-in pump is a convenient feature for inflating and deflating. The material is also resistant to stabs and punctures, and a SureGrip bottom ensures the mattress doesn’t slide around at night.

BUY NOW: $120

Best Air Mattress for Kids: Intex Kids Travel Bed Set

Resembling a shallow pool, this mattress from Intex is a choice pick for kids who might manage to roll off the bed. If you need another sleep surface, remove the inner mattress to accommodate an extra person. A hand pump is included, and it might be easy enough to get your kids to inflate their own bed.

BUY NOW: $44

Best Air Mattress Repair Kit: Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant

Regardless of how durable an air mattress claims to be, accidents happen and you will eventually find yourself with a leak. Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant creates an airtight seal on PVC material whether it be your air mattress or a rain jacket. While sticker patches might seem easier to use, you’ll go through them quickly because they’ll be used for small holes and big gashes alike. Use only as much sealant is necessary to patch up a leak, and you’re good to go for many more fixes.


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