Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Office or Desk Chair

What’s the best way to sit in an office chair? What’s the best office chair?

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Thanks to an involuntary work from home revolution, proper desk seating has never been a buzzier subject. Whether you’re looking for a chair on a tight budget or you just need to know why your back hurts around 3 p.m. every day, we’ve got your… nevermind. Here’s everything you need to know about sitting healthily.

Everything You Know about Sitting Ergonomically Is Wrong

Sitting is hard. It’s certainly hard on our bodies, which are long and agile and meant to be moved, stretched and used — not crumpled into unnatural postures for hours each day. It’s also hard intuitively, because most of the time we don’t think about it. We plop ourselves down in a desk chair and really, honestly think it’s okay — that sitting is sitting, and that nothing bad can come of such a simple act. No such luck.

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6 Perfectly Fine Cheap Desk Chairs Available Under $250

Coronavirus has forced millions of office workers into dedicated work-from-homers overnight. Most of those people’s living spaces are not suited to working eight hours comfortably, which is fueling them to buy nice office chairs en masse. But money is tight and a properly aligned spine can be had for less than $500 (if you’re willing to sacrifice longevity). Starting at $75, here are six chairs that will do the trick.

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Working From Home Is Making People Crazy for Quality Office Chairs. You Should Get Crazy, Too

While luxury goods companies assist governments in the procurement of masks, whiskey makers reconfigure stills to meet demand for sanitizer and Dyson deploys ventilators to thousands of hospitals, one couldn’t be blamed for failing to consider ergonomics. Since coronavirus made landfall in the U.S., tens of millions of lives have been upended and, relative to issues of life and death, improving one’s work from home setup may seem trivial. And yet, across the internet, there has never been more interest in sitting correctly. And there has never been a better time to do so.

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Looking for Affordable Home Office Gear? These Are the Moneyball WFH Brands

A cursory google of “cheap home office” yields hundreds of products from Wayfair, Ebay and Amazon, all from brands whose names you’ve never heard of, and in all likelihood have no customer service team to complain to when they’re delivered without screws. The middle ground of home office gear is small and difficult to find, but it is there. Here are four brands to get started.

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The 18 Best Office Chairs of 2020

This definitive guide to the best office chairs of 2020 explores everything you need to know to find an office chair best suited to your needs, including ergonomics, price, aesthetics and features.

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