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Big Swingers: Five Best Hammocks

It’s far from news that summer’s here; the dog days, as it were. From grilling on your resealed deck to some mighty fine vacations, your calendar should be packed with great seasonal activities.


It’s far from news that summer’s here; the dog days, as it were. From grilling on your resealed deck to some mighty fine vacations, your calendar should be packed with great seasonal activities. You’re not one to take it for granted, are you? Of course, there are those tiny slivers of respite between tackling rapids on your SUP board and trucking along some of the best mountain biking single track in the country, and you are feeling mighty pooped, what with all the adventure and bravado. Sounds like it’s time to catch some suspended reprieve: you’re in desperate need of a hammock, partner. After snoozing researching through options with more variety than Lindsey Lohan’s expletives, we’ve compiled the best options for the oft-overlooked summer accessory that holds a special place in our hearts (and/or lumbars).

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your summer read. It’ll convert nicely to a sleeping mask in a few minutes.

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Pawley’s Island Original Rope Hammock

For the traditionalist: Just the basics — that’s what Pawley’s Island Original Rope Hammock is all about. This reclination is hand woven with DuraCord rope and ages like the perfect t-shirt, softening with time. With an overall length of 13 feet, this traditionalist’s swing dream includes zinc-plated hanging hardware for that picturesque setup between two trees. Heck, with options like Oatmeal, Meadow and Coastal Blue, even the colors sound calming. We can’t prove it, but we’re convinced Pawley’s has some ownership in the Mai Tai business, because, in this hammock, that’s exactly what we’d be holding.

Buy Now: $170

La Seóra Luxury Hammock

When money doesn’t matter: Some people just like dropping mad stacks on ultimate luxury. If that’s you, allow us to introduce the Seóra luxury hammock. This award-winning, hand-made (in Milan) hammock was designed by architect Anthony Logothetis and sports posh materials like marine plywood and brushed stainless steel. Inspiration for the hammock is said to be found in the burgeoning fusion of Latin and American cultures flourishing in cities like Miami (suddenly we’re craving a cigar). The Seóra also comes with “enhanced experience” accessories that include a pillow and side pocket for stashing your personal items — you know, some lip balm, bribe money, an Uzi.

Buy Now: $2,800+

Outback Urban Balance Wave Hammock

Best for bad backs: When you find a product that is equal parts form and function you hang on to it — or in it, in this case. Taking cues from Mother Nature, Jack Bass developed the idea for his hammock upon observing the delicate motion of a simple wave: the crest, the trough, yea, the innate beauty. The form-fitting contours of this air chair are made from an all-weather wicker woven onto an epoxy coated aluminum frame. The 80-inch, ergonomically designed hammock looks great indoors or outdoors and has framed edges along the side that keep it from folding inward, a luxury that truly defies gravity.

Buy Now: $540

ENO SingleNest Hammock

Best for the outdoorsman: What’s better than a hammock? A portable hammock. For the camping enthusiast, keeping the ENO SingleNest hammock handy is a no-brainer. This one-person hammock packs down to the size of a softball for easy carrying, is made with 100% nylon and uses high quality steel carabiners and strength-tested nautical-grade line for added brawn (it can hold up to 400 pounds of sleepy man flesh). Like all good American businesses, ENO was inspired by the importance of durable, light and practical materials — and was started out of a sister’s garage. Still holding those core values, ENO has been a go-to retail source for thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. You might even nickname yours The Great BambENO.

Buy Now: $60

Le Beanock Hammock

Best for the indoor lounger: Combining a beanbag and a hammock? Genius. This hanging bag was designed by Le Beanock in the UK and is as comfortable as it is stylish. Seating two people, the bag features nautical-grade steel and eyelets for strength and resilience. It was made strictly for indoor use, but would, at least in our daydreams, also be perfect in a covered outdoors hideaway. This hanging sack is described to mimic “womb-like comfort”. Not sure if that’s a plus or a minus for you, but it could be the perfect solution for the agitated newborn in your life. It comes in many colors and, recently, with the added ability of printing your company logo on it. Maybe you can get your face printed on your own hammock, you ego maniac, you.

Buy Now: $330+

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