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Patagonia Friction Belt

Don't Just Hold Your Pants Up


By Gear Patrol Reader Brett Prior

The Patagonia Friction Belt breaks away from the dreary leather belt that often straps in our whimsical being. After looking for the perfect belt for well over a year, I finally realized that I was looking in all the wrong places. I realized that I do not need my belt to simply accessorize my style; I want a belt that functions with a purpose (and keeps my pants up in the process).

This belt effortlessly does its intended job well, but it also does some other things quite well. Need to lash a gas can down? Or perhaps you need to strap down a box on your bicycle commute? Or fasten it around your backpack to ensure your over packing doesn’t end up spilling over onto the street? The friction belt can get it done. Don’t be afraid to jump in the river with this belt on either. The ribbed nylon webbing allows for a secure fit and quick drying. The anodized (anti-corrosive) aluminum buckle also doubles as a fairly good bottle opener (just in case you forgot that set of keys with the cumbersome bottle opener key chain).

The belt is only available in the facetious “one size fits all” (which translates to anyone with a waistline <40”). If you happen to be the scrawny type with a 30” waistline and the excess is bothersome, then you can simply cut the belt at the desired length and singe the end to prevent fraying. To top it off, the belt fits the “Gear Patrol environmental code” and is manufactured with recyclable materials.

The belt comes in six different colors and designs to fit your personal style. Also, with the “Patagonia Ironclad Guarantee” one should give you ample amount of life; however, with a price tag of $20 you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase a couple.

About the Author: Brett Prior is a Gear Patrol reader and is self described as a: God Fearer, Happily Married, Tech Nerd, Music Machine, Psych Head, and Athlete.

Buy Now: $20

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