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The Best Sleeping Bags for Side Sleepers

A new breed of sleeping bag that comes in unusual shapes is making snoozing in a tent more comfortable for those who sleep on their side.

zenbivy sleeping bag

A first-time visit to the sleeping bag rack at any outdoor gear store can be enough to induce claustrophobia. The widespread norm in outdoor bedding is the mummy bag — a hooded sleeping bag that tapers from the shoulders to the feet that indeed resembles a sarcophagus. Such a design keeps the weight of a sleeping bag down, makes it easier to pack and more efficient at maintaining warmth but does little to bolster comfort, particularly for side sleepers.

According to a 2017 study on sleeping positions, that's most of us. And while camping and backpacking are often exercises in forgoing the comforts of home, our nocturnal movements are often out of our control. Getting tangled inside a sleeping bag and waking up tent mates with constant shuffling are real concerns, not to mention having to hike miles the next day on a poor night's sleep.

Luckily these issues are also avoidable, thanks to a handful of gear makers that have revisited the notion of what a sleeping bag should look like. Side sleepers and night shifters now have a growing selection of sleeping bags to choose from. With unusual shapes and zipper-free designs, this new breed of sleeping bag allows comfort-first campers to relegate mummy bags — and nights spent tossing and turning in a tent — to the ancient past.

Eddie Bauer Flying Squirrel

eddie bauer sleeping bag
Eddie Bauer

The zipperless design of Eddie Bauer's Flying Squirrel came from the brand's goal of creating an ultralight emergency sleeping bag for its mountain guide team, but it found that it proved itself ideal for warmer nights too. The sleeping bag opens wide, accommodating plenty of movement, and is packed with 850-fill water-repellent down.

Temperature Rating: 40°F
Weight: 1 lb 7 oz
Fill: 850-fill water-repellent down

BUY NOW: $249

Nemo Equipment Disco

nemo equipment disco
Nemo Equipment

Nemo's Disco includes thermo-regulating "gills" that give it a wide range of comfortable sleeping temperatures, but it also has a unique shape the company likens to a spoon. Whether the comparison is accurate or not, the form allows for more space at the knees, making side sleeping and moving around at night easier.

Temperature Rating: 30°F, 15°F
Weight: 1 lb 15 oz (30°F)
Fill: 650-fill-power PFC-free down

BUY NOW: $260+

Zenbivy Bed

zenbivy bed

Zenbivy's approach to comfortable nights under the stars is a modular, hybrid one. The Zenbivy Bed comprises a two-piece design — a bottom "sheet" with an attached hood hugs onto a sleeping pad and zips onto a trail quilt. Campers can mimic a mummy bag by cinching the quilt's bottom and zipping it up or letting it fly free like the duvet at home. Even the middle ground between those options allows for any sleep position, including on one's side.

Temperature Rating: 29°F, 23°F, 10°F
Weight: 2 lb 14 oz (29°F)
Fill: 700-fill HyperDry down or XD Synthetic

BUY NOW: $209+

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed

sierra designs sleeping bag
Sierra Designs

The Backcountry Bed is another bag that ditches the zipper. Instead, it features a large central opening and an integrated comforter that you can tuck in or throw aside. It also includes a self-sealing escape hatch for your feet, allowing you near-total freedom from the confinement that ordinary sleeping bags entail. Sierra Designs also included a sleeping pad attachment system so you can shift from side to side without falling off your mattress.

Temperature Rating: 35°F, 20°F
Weight: 1 lb 15 oz (35°F)
Fill: 700-fill PFC-free Dridown

BUY NOW: $280+

Big Agnes Torchlight

big agnes torchlight
Big Agnes

In contrast to the other sleeping bags on this list, the Big Agnes Torchlight gets its flexibly spacious design from zippers. Each size of the bag includes zippered expanders that can add an extra five inches of width each. What's more, you can adjust these zippers to separately target the lower or upper portions of the body, or both at the same time. The system gets side sleepers the benefit of extra space without leaving the mummy design behind altogether.

Temperature Rating: 30°F, 20°F
Weight: 2 lb 4 oz (30°F)
Fill: 600-fill DownTek, water-resistant

BUY NOW: $280+

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