This EDC Flashlight Offers Ultimate Protection

The SABRE PepperLight offers both a powerful flashlight and pepper spray in one sleek package.

sabre flashlight pepper spray

Being out after sundown requires being alert. But even more than that, it requires having a powerful flashlight that packs a punch when you need it. SABRE's PepperLight 2-in-1 Flashlight Pepper Spray is just the ticket. Whether you're heading out on an evening run, walking home from running errands or simply taking out the dog one last time for the night, being prepared is paramount. For more about how the PepperLight keeps you safe and prepared, read on below.

sabre flashlight pepper spray
sabre flashlight pepper spray


Lumen-Packed Performance: Not all flashlights are created equal, and SABRE's take on an EDC essential does more than enough to light up the night. It offers a high-powered 750-lumen flashlight with three modes: high, low and strobe. The high and low light can reach an impressive 540 feet (or 1.5 football fields), which makes it easy to pick out objects at night from a safe distance.


Streamlined Design: What good is a flashlight if it's so bulky that it's never on you when you need it? To make sure the PepperLight is always at hand, it's made of lightweight aluminum and has a removable belt clip — keeping it sleek and pocketable. Plus, it's IPX6 water-resistant so it will handle whatever you can throw at it — including snow, rain, puddles and even a five-foot drop.


The Extra Punch: Should things take a turn for the worse, the PepperLight has you covered there, too. The flashlight is outfitted with SABRE's industry-leading, maximum-strength pepper spray, deployed by pressing a covered button that can only be activated when the flip-top safety is lifted. Plus, it contains 25 pepper spray bursts and deploys a powerful stream of up to ten feet.

Price: $40


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