Lifestraw's New Water Filter Delivers More Clean Water Than Ever Before

The large-capacity Peak Series 8L is meant to make sure you have plenty of clean H2O, anywhere you go.

man filling up the lifestraw gravity filter in a river

There's much consideration that must be given to the gear brought on overlanding and adventure trips: Is it reliable? Durable? Lightweight and easy to deploy? When every ounce counts and access to supplies is at a minimum, you need to be discerning and practical in regards to your outdoor supplies.

Lifestraw gets this. The certified B-Corp has been making water filtration systems for both home and camp since 1994, and designs well-made, easy-to-use options that help provide clean water for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. This week, the brand took a step forward in offering clean water solutions for the outdoors with its all-new large capacity Peak Series 8L Gravity Water Filter System.

Created with the intention of supporting large groups, as well as camping, overlanding, RVing and adventure travel, the Peak 8L Gravity Filter can be used on its own — or in conjunction with 8L Safe Water Storage bag, provide a whopping 16 liters of fresh, clean water.

"With over three years of development, this is the most versatile and robust outdoor system LifeStraw has ever made for reliable access to safe water."

—Alison Hill, Lifestraw CEO

Similar to the rest of Lifestraw's expansive line of filters, the Peak Series 8L Gravity Filter protects against 99.999999 percent of bacteria, 99.999 percent of parasites and 99.999 percent of microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness, while maintaining pleasant taste. The brand re-engineered the membrane and backwash accessory within the filter, which function together to protect against sand and silt (and prolong the life of the filter).

At just 19 ounces, the Peak Series 8L Gravity Filter is also slim enough that it can be brought on backpacking trips, extending your time in the backcountry and lightening your load. As a system, the set weighs in at 34.2 ounces.

Starting this week, you can purchase the Peak Series 8L Gravity Filter on its own, or the filter and 8L Storage Bag as a package.

LifeStraw Peak Series 8L Gravity Filter
LifeStraw Peak Series Gravity Water Filter System with Safe Water Storage - 8L + 8L
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