Here’s a Portable, Handy Tool to Relieve All of Your Neck Woes

It hangs on your door, packs neatly into a suitcase and relieves pain in just ten minutes.



It turns out a lot of people have neck pain — so many, in fact, that when The Neck Hammock launched a crowdfunding campaign to get off the ground last year, it pretty easily raised over $1.3 million. That meant, as of December 1st of 2017, The Neck Hammock was 4,505% funded based on its original goal.

It’s not that surprising, though, is it? You might have a desk job, you might work out, travel a lot, or be a generally stressed out individual. All of those things could contribute to neck pain and The Neck Hammock was designed to be a conveniently portable and affordable tool to help alleviate some of that, while heading to a chiropractor or physiotherapist a few times a week is frankly less convenient and pretty expensive.

Designed by physical therapist Dr. Steve Sudell, The Neck Hammock works by pulling the head gently away from the neck while you’re in a reclined position, which helps relax the muscles and stretch them gradually. Your intervertebral space will expand, increasing blood flow, circulation and nutrition in the areas where there’s pain. It’s relief for everything from arthritis to bulging discs, strains, even poor sleep or bad posture. Not to mention, it’s a quick fix — ten minutes with the hammock easily attached to a doorknob will help oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. And if you were wondering, it’s an FDA approved device — one that feels like a pillow hugging your face, that is.

But perhaps one of its strongest features is portability: The Neck Hammock cleverly folds up into a small case, easily packable in a carry-on. So, if you’re jetting around for work or pleasure, it’s a cinch to bring along for some relief. There’s no better time than post-holiday for a little self-love.

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