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VSSL's New Flask / Speaker Combo Is a Guaranteed Good Time

Good tunes and good booze is a tough combo to beat.

vssl insulated flask with bluetooth speaker

Having a drink without music playing in the background seems a little... sad, right? There's nothing like the feeling of gathering around the campfire with a good playlist, strong drinks and friends to share them with. So if you're a minimalist camper that appreciates unique, problem-solving products and secretly always wants to see your friends break into tispy song, you may want to take a look at VSSL's newest release.

Part insulated flask, part Bluetooth speaker, VSSL's newest drop was developed with good times in mind. VSSL claims its brand-new Insulated Flask with Bluetooth Speaker is the world's first-ever flask designed with an integrated speaker — solving packing dilemmas, clearing up full hands at camp and setting the mood like few other outdoor items can.

vssl insulated flask with bluetooth speaker
Whiskey optional (but... not really).

VSSL tapped Speaqua Sound Co. to engineer a speaker endcap that threads directly to the unit’s base. The whole unit is weatherproof, and the speaker offers five hours of battery life. Another perk? If you've got two of VSSL's new units, you can pair them together for enhanced listening and create a true stereophonic audio experience — but don't worry, the speaker sounds just fine solo.

If you thought the features stopped there, boy, you'd be wrong. The stainless steel, vacuum insulated flask itself holds eight ounces of whatever you're sipping on (and if you're sipping around a fire at camp, it damn well better be whiskey). VSSL's patented end cap provides two drinking methods: flask spout or fully opened lid (for easy refilling and cleaning) and an integrated magnetic, locking carabiner means you don't have to worry about dropping this thing in the wild.

VSSL's spirit of modularity and usability continues in the Insulated Flask with Bluetooth Speaker: the endcap is compatible with VSSL's other end cap products, and can be swapped out for a compass, carabiner or flashlight endcap — any of which would be useful after polishing off the eight ounces inside.

If you're looking for a simple upgrade to your camp setup, or you're still searching for the perfect gift for the person that has everything, VSSL delivered right on time with its newest release. The Insulated Flask with Bluetooth Speaker is available now.


VSSL Insulated Flask with Bluetooth Speaker


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