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Oru Enters the Camping Fold With Origami-Style Packable, Portable Furniture

The novel collection includes an Adirondack-style chair, a stool that doubles as storage and a hybrid table-ice-chest.

oru camp
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If you're very lucky, your favorite campsite might have a designated fire pit where you can build a roaring, cozy-warm fire. But when it comes to relaxing around that campsite, prepping meals and even storing your gear (and perhaps some foodstuffs), you're on your own. Sure, you could piecemeal a campsite together with a hodgepodge of equipment (like camp chairs), which could get very expensive very quickly and leaves a lot of room for error. Or, you could get one cohesive set that's as useful as it is good-looking, weighs very little, folds down practically flat and can be set up and taken back down in a matter of seconds. If that sounds up your trail, you're probably going to love the new Oru Camp origami outdoor furniture.

Convenience, Cleverness and Design All Folded into One

If the name Oru sounds familiar, you may have heard of the brand's unique collection of origami kayaks. They're sturdy and sound for sailing, yet can collapse down in mere moments for much easier transportation and storage. Well, the brand has taken that exact same technology and built it into this new collection of camping-friendly furniture. That means you get the same speediness, convenience and ease of storage.

oru camp chair and table
The classic Adirondack silhouette makes an excellent camp and beach chair.
Oru Camp

Collect All Three for the Full Set

Oru Camp consists of a trio of unique pieces. First, there's the PopLounge ($99) — an Adirondack-style folding chair that can support up to 275 pounds, folds up or collapses down in just 15 seconds and comes with built-in storage under the seat. Then, there's the SwitchTable ($69) — a flat box weighing just 11.5 pounds that, in under 30 seconds, pops up into a prep and/or dining table with its own integrated storage (which you can even use as an ice box), and can be shortened for use as a dining table or bench. And last (but not least), there's the FlipCube ($49) — a kind of hybrid stool and storage box that weighs less than five pounds in total.

If you back the brand's Kickstarter, you're welcome to choose any individual item or any combination of them therein — meaning you can buy a single piece, the full set and/or anything in-between.

oru camp chair and table
All three pieces fold down for more manageable transport and storage.
Oru Camp

A Limited-Time Offer

As mentioned, this is actually a Kickstarter project, meaning there's a limited amount of time that the campaign will be running — it actually ends on June 14. The good news is that the campaign is already fully-funded, crushing its goal of $20,000 and currently sitting just a bit shy of $135,000 (as of publication of this post). The bad news is that some of the backing options are already limited (for instance, only 18 of 60 VIP-tier FlipCubes are still available, as of this story). So if you're hoping to score Oru's origami camping furniture at early-bird prices (some of them are as much as 50 percent below the MSRP), you're going to want to back this project while you can. And just a reminder: you can no longer back it at all after June 14.

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Oru Camp Origami Furniture

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