This New Foam Roller Is the Swiss Army Knife of Muscle Recovery

Pop the Knotty Roller open to reveal an army of myofascial release tools.


Wesley Wilson had a problem. Injured during a marathon, the longtime personal trainer quickly grew tired of the cost and hassle of the bevy of different recovery tools he used to get back to 100 percent. He decided to create an all-in-one solution, spending three years to develop eight prototypes before perfecting the Knotty Roller.

Think of this clever gadget as the Swiss Army knife of muscle recovery. Currently well past its funding goal on Kickstarter, the Knotty Roller packs six cheekily named recovery tools into a product the size of a traditional foam roller. Pop it open to gain access to a 3-inch massage ball, a 2-inch bumpy ball, an 18-inch massage stick, a 24-inch half-roller and a 5-foot nylon stretching band that doubles as a handy carrying strap.

According to Wilson, this combo of elements adds up to more than 200 uses, enabling you to tackle pre-workout activation, post-workout recovery, injury prevention, rehab and pain relief in an almost endless variety of ways. The whole package holds together with strong magnets, so you can easily throw it over your shoulder and hit the gym, then open it up to access whatever tool you need.

Among other funding levels, you can still score a unit for $99 on Kickstarter, with the product shipping in April. Click below to check out the Kickstarter page.

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