Kickstarter: Square by CleanBottle

It's hip to be square

When was the last time you thought about your water bottle? When it leaked? When your water started tasting funky? Well, the Square by CleanBottle may be the first bottle you not only think about, but covet. Developed by a Red Dot award-winning designer and a team of former Apple engineers, the SQUARE is a revolution in water bottle design — a feat akin to reinventing the wheel.

First, there’s the shape. As its name suggests, it’s, well, square, meaning it doesn’t roll away if it tips over — but still manages to fit in most cupholders. Then there’s the quarter-turn locking action on both the top and bottom caps, which clicks shut reassuringly but allows easy access to clean the bottle. The BPA-free plastic drinking lip minimizes metallic taste, and is designed to be smooth and un-threaded so no science experiments bloom. The clear-coated aluminum body is both rugged and easy to grip. The SQUARE will be available in four different colors with an option for custom branding, should you want to subtly hint to your staff that those beat up old camping bottles need to hit the dusty trail.

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