This New Tent Makes Sleeping in the Woods More Fun

Instagram is filled with photos of tents set up in stunning yet impractical locations.

Outdoor Instagram is a crystal-walled cave of non-realities. Behind the photographer who took a picture of a lone figure wading through a light-dappled slot canyon is a line of people waiting to get the same shot, and that photo of a tent on the very edge of a cliff? Pitched for photo purposes only. Instagram has a full inventory of such examples — check accounts @youdidnotsleepthere and @insta_repeat for proof.

Among the most egregious offenders are photos of floating tents, shelters suspended by straps fastened to perfectly positioned trees. Sure, those tents exist, but the particular conditions to hang them combined with a high price make real-life camping in them a prohibitive task. It doesn’t have to be that way though, thanks to the smart thinking by Kammok that’s on display in its new ground-to-air Sunda tent.

This is version 2.0 of the Sunda, and the proposition of old and new is the same: it’s a backpacking-sized tent in size and form that you can pitch on the ground or suspend between two anchors. With an eight-foot length and near-vertical sidewalls, the tent is spacious, and notable upgrades over the original include an integrated rainfly and a new pole architecture.

But the best thing about Sunda 2.0 is that it addresses the main issue with its predecessor, which was that moving from one mode to the other was an involved process. Now the ease of doing so — essentially, you just need to remove the tent’s stakes, connect its ends with a carabiner and hang from a hammock strap — is great enough to make camping off the ground practical, not just an Instagram fantasy.

The Sunda 2.0 is currently funding on Kickstarter with an expected delivery of November 2020.

Preorder Now: $345

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