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This Simple Pocket Knife Hack Makes Changing in Public Restrooms a Snap

It’s so easy, we can’t believe we never thought of it before.

Hunter D. Kelley

It’s a familiar problem — or at least it was before the pandemic, and likely will be again. You’re traveling, either by plane or by train or by car or whatever, arrive at your destination and want to freshen up and don a clean shirt before meeting the party on the other end: your significant other’s parents, say, or a potential employer. 

So you pop into the restroom at the airport or train station or office building, only to discover that your stall’s door either never had a hook or the hook’s been broken off by some bored vandal. Now you’re doing this weird balancing act with jackets and shirts and praying nothing falls in the toilet. It’s a dangerous game, but if you’ve got a decent-sized (presumably checked) pocket knife, you don’t have to play.

Just follow the lead of one Eric Dean’s 22-second YouTube video. In it, he shows off an ingenious hack, whereby you can simply jam the blade into the top of the hydraulic door closer or the top hinge of the bathroom stall door — or the gap between the door and the wall — and turn the handle of your knife into a makeshift hanger. Then you can skip the clothes juggling and smoothly change shirts without all the drama. Bonus points if you hum the MacGyver theme song while doing so. 


P.s. Need a new pocket knife with which to try this hack? We’re big fans of the one we used to demonstrate it, the Spyderco Smock. Based on Kevin Smock’s custom SK23 design, this folder features a stainless steel wharncliffe blade and carbon-fiber/G-10 laminate handle. A discreet flipper tab makes it easy to deploy at a moment’s notice, whether you’re slicing an apple or making a wardrobe change.

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