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The 15 Best Dopp Kits for Any Style and Budget

From the rugged to the refined, these Dopp kits are designed to go places.


Last Updated September, 2017.

A Dopp kit is both a statement of personal style and an immensely practical item. It contains the tools one uses to transform from a shuffling, scruffy zombie to a well-groomed dynamo. If you’re traveling with others, your Dopp kit also speaks to who you are. Starting your day with an attractive, well-packed Dopp kit says volumes about what kind of day you intend to have. As such, there are plenty of them out there in a variety of price points, ranging from rugged shaving kits suited for backpacking to monogrammed leather beauties worthy of passing down to your kids.

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Under $50

Economy Plus

Kubo Waxed Canvas Waterproof Dopp Kit

Made from rugged waxed canvas, this tough, faded blue Dopp kit is as simple as it gets. And it’s not too precious to beat up a little while traveling.

Buy Now: $22

Topo Designs Dopp Kit

Pack light and stay organized with Topo Designs’ relatively petite kit. Colorado-stitched Cordura cloth and quality hardware make sure it’s durable without feeling like an heirloom.

Buy Now: $29

North Face Base Camp Travel Canister

Don’t let the name fool you — this is a Dopp kit. Furthermore, it’s an extremely durable Dopp kit made of ballistic nylon so you can keep your stuff safe in the great outdoors.

Buy Now: $33

Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby

The Wallaby packs pockets, a mirror and a hangar into a package small enough for longer adventures where proper bathrooms might be a luxury.

Buy Now: $37

Aer Dopp Kit

An exterior toothbrush pocket and water-resistant lining and mesh make Aer’s Dopp kit the ideal choice for those who don’t want their toiletries to mingle or make a mess in their bag.

Buy Now: $40

Under $100

Business Class

Yorktown Dopp Kit

This nautical-looking Dopp kit is made of durable spill-resistant nylon and has an attractively understated red, white and blue color scheme.

Buy Now: $50

Herschel Tarpaulin Chapter

This waterproof Dopp kit features a die-cut carrying loop and a seatbelt webbing handle. Easy to carry anywhere, and it resembles a pint-sized military bag of yore.

Buy Now: $50

Owen & Fred Stay Sharp Shaving Kit

This well-made black shaving kit has tasteful leather touches and ballistic nylon for durability.

Buy Now: $68

Filson Travel Kit

Feel free to bring your mustache wax and oil with Filson’s no-frills travel kit made from heavy-duty cotton.

Buy Now: $79

Tumi Alpha Travel Kit

Tumi brings the form-meets-function ethos of its luxury luggage to the shrunken size of the travel kit with an antibacterial lining and a rugged pocket-heavy design.

Buy Now: $95

Over $100

First Class

Bosca Utilikit

The Italian-American luxury goods manufacturer has been making this swanky leather Dopp kit the same way since 1941, and it comes with a monogram.

Buy Now: $180

Mismo M/S Washbag

With Italian canvas woven in Denmark with Japanese zippers, this striking bag’s fit for a globetrotter. And, it’s lined with rubber.

Buy Now: $187

Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Kenyatta Dopp Kit

The Kenyatta is the aesthete’s Dopp kit. Its subdued navy hue and dual gold zippers make it downright sexy

Buy Now: $195

JW Hulme Co. Dopp Kit

J.W. Hulme bills this American leather Dopp kit as an instant heirloom. Because it comes with a monogram, be sure to give your kid the same initials as you.

Buy Now: $325

Frank Clegg Small Travel Kit

Love Frank Clegg, but hate what it does to your wallet? The brand’s small travel kit is one of its most accessible offerings. It’s still big enough to carry a trip’s essentials and the green leather is stunning.

Buy Now: $400

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