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5 Ultra-Warm Parkas to Beat Back the Cold

Fighting the the cold takes more than a fish oil supplement. It’s time you fortified your closet with some help from the Inuit tradition.


You know now that your love affair with the changing of the seasons was a mistake — one that made Rodman and Electra look devoted. Gone is the daylight. Gone is the heat. You’ve planned well with stockpiles of food and drink. But that wool blazer and hardshell are no longer a match for the cold. It’s time you fortified your closet.

The Inuit invented the parka to conquer the Arctic. They made them from the skins of caribou and seals, slathering them with fish oil for water resistance. What today’s modern equivalents lack in wild badassery, they make up for in comfort and style. It’s time to choose your armor wisely and take back the outdoors.

Our Picks (from Left to Right): Penfield Hoosac Mountain Parka ($400) | Canada Goose Citadel Parka ($700+) | Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Arctic Parka ($695) | Alpha Industries Slim Fit N-3B Parka ($109+) | Spiewak Aviation N3-B Parka ($346+)

Cold Hard Facts

Lowest Official Natural Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth:
-128.6°F | -89.2°C , Soviet Vostok Station Antarctica, July 21, 1983.

Lowest Official Natural Temperature Ever Recorded in the USA:
-80°F | -62°C , Prospect Creek, Alaska, January 23, 1971

Temperature of Empty Space or “Cosmic Background Temperature”:
-455°F | -270°C

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