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Old Navy Plaid Flannel Scarf

The Look & Warmth Minus Buyer's Remorse


Though we won’t deny the benefits of owning at least one high quality scarf, that doesn’t prevent us from pointing out a bargain when we find one. On sale for less than $9, these classic flannel scarves from Old Navy are great for breaking up the solid colors overwhelmingly found on winter outfits. Currently available in four attractive and classic plaid patterns, a whole set will set you back less than one mid priced retailer accessory. Stocking stuffers anyone?

Side Note: Skeptics, remember to think carefully about how many times you actually wear a scarf before you start making arguments about the lifetime or quality of manufacturing associated with Old Navy. With these scarves, there really is no seam work to fall apart or buttons to fall off – they’re just swaths of cloth. Better yet, if you accidentally leave one at a restaurant, sneeze into one in a nasal emergency, or otherwise rip one to shreds saving a damsel in distress, you can take solace in remembering that you paid less than a movie ticket for a flannel scarf. More images after the jump.

Cost: $9

Old Navy Plaid Flannel Scarves Gallery

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