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Style Picks: A Cold Winter, the Right Scarf

Because your winter jacket and beanie won’t keep your neck warm.


Scarves have had a number of callings, and names, throughout history. As sudariums, ancient Romans used them to wipe sweat from their faces. As cravats, 17th-century Frenchmen wore them like a sort of necktie. Other types of scarves have also been worn as religious garments, as shields from dust and wind, and to signify rank by military personnel. Today, most people use scarves to stay warm in the winter. Yes, style is important, but a scarf’s main purpose is to keep the neck warm — to protect where a beanie and winter coat cannot. These scarves come in all kinds of fabrics, from silk to lambswool, yarn and cashmere, at least one of which is sure to match your style.

Tadd Scarf by Wood Wood $45

Clan Scarf by Carhartt $49

Ribbed Scarf by MHL. by Margaret Howell $59

Sharvi Vari Scarf by Howlin’ by Morrsion $65

Lambswool Scarf by Norse Projects x Johnstons of Elgin $89

Altiplano Alpaca Scarf by Nau $95

Merino Wool Scarf by The Workers Club $200

Color-Block Wool and Cashmere-Blend Scarf by The Elder Statesman $240

Fringed Wool Kabuki Striped Stole by Kapital $287

Fringed Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf by Begg & Co. $435

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