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13 Umbrellas That Look Great, Rain or Shine

Whether you popped in to your closest Uniqlo location or sought out the finest in umbrella craftsmanship, there’s no shortage of good-looking umbrellas.


There is a particular disappointment that accompanies a bad umbrella. You were prepared. You bought it months before the rainy season. You left it by the door as a reminder to snatch it on your way out. But, a single bent spoke on its maiden voyage has you wrestling with the wind while the umbrella splays into an inverted mess of broken ribs and busted joints. Either you commit yourself to improvised umbrella surgery, or you steal a visitor umbrella from the Ritz. The third option, of course, is to buy an umbrella that works.

The acceptance that a good umbrella costs more than $10 opens a world of choice for the outdoorsman, the practical urbanite and the disciple of high fashion alike. Our list is a grip of options for all of the above. The primary goal is to stay dry — but it doesn’t hurt to look good in the process.

Uniqlo Compact Umbrella

Simple, effective and easy on the wallet, Uniqlo’s compact umbrella fits into any bag and any wardrobe. This one rotates freely to help combat gusts of wind and the added clip holds on to the slipcover so you won’t lose it.

Buy Now: $15

Repel Windproof Double Vented Travel Umbrella

Repel’s umbrella is a classic design with a few tricks up its sleeve like a double-vented canopy, Teflon-coated fabric and automatic open/close mechanism. It’s also the number one rated umbrella on Amazon.

Buy Now: $23

Balios Prestige Travel Umbrella

For something a bit more refined at the same price, Balios offers much of the same functionality as Repel’s popular umbrella in a classier aesthetic.

Buy Now: $23

HAY Mono Umbrella

Danish design brand HAY is known for bringing elevated simplicity into the home with a sophisticated line of furniture and homeware. This monochromatic pastel toes the line between utilitarian and aesthetic sculpture.

Buy Now: $35

Barbour Plaid Mini Umbrella

Barbour’s distinct tartan plaid works well front and center, too, not just hidden as a jacket lining.

Buy Now: $50

Sies Marjan x AMO

In collaboration with architectural firm AMO for Rem Koolhaas’s “Countryside, The Future” exhibition at The Guggenheim, designer Sies Marjan’s signature gradient brings an unmatched calm to the storm.

Buy Now: $55

Blunt Metro Umbrella

This compact and collapsible umbrella is wind-tested to 55 mph and has a two-year warranty — it also comes in 12 colors, so you can stand out in a sea of black umbrellas (if that’s your goal).

Buy Now: $59

Certain Standard Large Wallingford Umbrella

This large umbrella has a fiberglass and composite frame and natural cork handle, so it weighs in at just 1 pound. With a canopy diameter of 46-inches, it’ll keep you and whoever you’re walking with dry in the worst downpours.

Buy Now: $95

London Undercover Maple Wood-Handle Umbrella

If Paddington Bear misplaced his raincoat, this would be his backup plan.

Buy Now: $100

Davek Solo Umbrella

Form is function with Davek’s flagship umbrella. We’re inclined to agree with its approach.

Buy Now: $115

Lockwood Hand-Stitched Italian Leather Super Slim Umbrella

If anyone knows rain, it’s the English. So it’s no surprise that some of the finest umbrellas come from Britain. This one features a luxe hand-stitched leather handle that will patina with age (just so long as you don’t leave it in a cab).

Buy Now: ~$146

Fox Umbrella GT1 Gentleman Tube Umbrella

Since 1868, Fox has been handcrafting luxury umbrellas and is among the first names to be mentioned in the umbrella conversation. This one features a gorgeous wood handle with a gold-tone metal cap to bring a bit of elegance to your rainy jaunt.

Buy Now: $175

Maglia Francesco Red Striped Umbrella with Ashwood Handle

The bamboo handle and ashwood shaft set Maglia Francesco’s umbrella apart from the usual metal-shafted options on the market. The striped canopy adds a rakish flare.

Buy Now: $365

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