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The Seasonal Accessories You Need to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Budget-friendly neckties, bowties and pocket squares made for the everyman.


While fashion follows trends, the average men’s wardrobe does not. Instead, most closets are somewhat stagnant, anchored by the basics: a favorite tee, broken-in chinos, an everyday boot that goes with both blue and black. If you’re anything like us, you see clothes as investments, and value quality over quantity. After all, a good closet is built out over time, not replaced from year to year.

That doesn’t mean you need to ignore fashion’s creative ebb and flow. For guys that define their style by a rock-solid foundation, accessories (ties, socks, pocket squares) are a means to conquer fast fashion without having to drop a fortune on entire outfits. In other words, you’re not replacing the meal; you’re just adding a new garnish.

For trend-driven accessories, The Tie Bar has you covered in spades — the Chicago-based brand makes ties, pocket squares and other men’s accessories that aren’t just attractively priced (dropping as low as $3), but are designed with current menswear colors and patterns in mind. The collections, which launch every month on The Tie Bar’s site, consist of premium ties, bow ties and pocket squares, all for under $20 a pop. The brand’s growing portfolio, which covers over 10,000 items since it started in 2004, also includes socks, belts, tie bars and scarves. It’s all just as affordable, and, truthfully, the quality is impressive regardless, but especially at those price points.

Its latest collection, just in time for spring and summer, embraces florals in a myriad of colors and styles — including a loud brown-and-orange ’70s-inspired psychedelia print, as well as a more understated anemone pattern that plays off the traditional polka-dot. These aren’t your everyday accessories. You may not even wear them the whole season. But if you’re the kind of guy that’s been wearing the same brand of chinos since college, The Tie Bar is a budget-friendly solution to add some color to your getup.

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